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Should I Invest in a Self-Hosted Website?

Have you ever thought about a self-hosted website? Moving your blog off a free platform like WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr to your own hosting account is a big step. It’s also a necessary step if you want to take blogging more seriously. You need to own the content and, in many cases, this isn’t the […]

Raleigh NC Web Design Trends That Will Exit in 2014

A Few Raleigh NC Web Design Trends Will Fizzle Out in 2014: If you couldn’t believe it before, you might as well now! It’s 2014! Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe another year has passed! To help ring in the New Year, it’s time to take a look at a few Raleigh NC web […]

Types of Video That Can Help Your Business

Raleigh Video Production Can Help Your Business! Businesses in Raleigh NC are finally starting to recognize the power of Raleigh video production. It’s as effective of a marketing tool as it is entertaining. It combines artistic appeal with educational details that involve customers. However, there are many essentials in Raleigh video production that must be […]

10 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics and What They Mean to You

10 Raleigh Video Production Statistics The popularity of Raleigh video production and video marketing content continues to grow. Now, it’s more important than ever to consider incorporating an appealing video marketing strategy to take advantage of the power of the video phenomenon. In a recent report, Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014, Invodo highlights video […]

Getting Right to the Point

Video Production Raleigh NC: Improving Your Marketing Videos! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a marketing strategy that reached thousands of people daily? On top of that, what if 90% of everyone that noticed your marketing strategy paid full attention to it, prompting them to purchase the product or service you were marketing? […]

Top Video Statistics for 2015

Videos are a huge part of our lives in today’s time. Everyone stops to see one on social media; we can all make home videos, right on our smartphones. Below, you’ll find the top 15 video statistics for 2015 that show just how much video affects our lives now. Video Statistics | Raleigh Video Production  […]

Video Marketing Works! Part 3

Marketing | Raleigh Video Production Video marketing expands your business’s reach for finding new, potential consumers. It also helps sell products and services to existing customers, as well. Videos tell a story. They showcase experience, expertise and command attention. Once you have their attention, it’s important to make sure your videos offer a wide variety […]

TV Data Trends

Are you interested in learning about TV commercial production or video production in Raleigh NC? If so, you’ll find the following information useful. There are trends in TV commercials, just as there are in other types of industries like building, remodeling, designing and more. You’ll be interested to learn about the following information, below! According […]

Graphic Design Tips to Consider

Are you getting ready to revamp your website, company brand and other aspects of your marketing strategy? If so, you might want to consider what Raleigh graphic design can do for your overall brand. It’s an important part of who you are, as a company and how customers perceive you. Below, you’ll find several tips […]

Parallax Scrolling

Raleigh web designers | Parallax Scrolling Parallax scrolling is a web design technique that has proven to be among the most popular design techniques in the past two years. It is also expected that parallax scrolling will be a must have web design trend in 2014. You might be wondering, what makes this type of […]

Raleigh Website Design, Are You Ready to Get Responsive?

Raleigh Website Design is Getting Responsive! If you are proficient at Raleigh website design, get ready to make a few changes to your website. There are a few things that should be done to convert your website display possibilities. When these changes are made, the website will automatically work with smaller screens like tablets, smartphones, etc. […]

Video Production Statistics For March 2014

Raleigh Video Production: March 2014 Statistics According to comScore.com, “More than 187 million Americans watched 46.6 billion online videos last in March. Video ad views totaled 28.7  billion, an increase from the previous month, and almost double that of  the March 2013.” They also report: Raleigh Video Production Google sites (i.e. YouTube) generated 11.1 billion of […]

Online Videos: Bigger and Better in 2014!

Raleigh Video Production Takes a Look at The Progression of Online Videos It was predicted in 2013 that video marketing would only get bigger and better in 2014. 2013 paved the way for online videos and once they started climbing the popularity charts, they never looked back! At this point, over halfway into 2014, online […]

More Web Design Mistakes You Should Never Make!

Does your business have a website? Are you confident that it’s exciting, eye-catching, and informative? Do you know whether or not your viewers value your Raleigh web design and visit it frequently? If not, it’s time to start learning the answers to all these questions! Knowing that your website is performing well and being accepted by […]

After Effects Basics

Adobe After Effects is a great way for Raleigh video production teams to create visual effects and motion graphics within a video they’ve filmed.. In addition, it’s great for adding audio clips, still images and other layer-based animation, as well. In addition to videographers, graphic designers also use After Effects. In our blog post today, […]

Video Production Tips for Small Businesses Part 1

Are you tired of spending countless dollars on marketing strategies that never pay off? Do you feel like every journey you take in promoting your business seems to be a dead end? If so, you might want to consider a new way to market that is basically guaranteed to grow your business to successful levels […]

Video Production Predictions

Video is storming the marketing world with its presence and it’s no wonder! People love to watch videos! Below, you’ll find several predictions that will help you understand why adding marketing videos to your overall marketing efforts will help your business! Raleigh Video Production Predictions for 2016! According to linkedin.com, “As a follow up to […]

A Look at Facts and Statistics for Videos

Raleigh video production is becoming more and more popular, as well as, more beneficial for businesses to take advantage of! The statistics don’t lie! We hope you enjoy reading the following statistics for video marketing and how it can immensely help your business’s marketing efforts! Facts and Statistics | Raleigh Video Production 2 billion video views […]

What is Graphic Design, Raleigh NC?

Different Types of Graphic Design Raleigh, NC and beyond! Graphic Design Raleigh, NC | A note from our team of experts. Welcome back! In a previous post, we discussed what graphic design is. We also began discussing the different types of graphic design and how important they are. Today, we will continue our conversation on […]

A Final Look at Sustainable Web Design

Welcome back! Today we will take a final look at how to achieve a sustainable web design in Raleigh that helps lessen the carbon footprint of the Internet. If you have any questions, or missed our first couple of posts, contact our web designers at TigerHive Creative Group or visit our posts here and here. Web […]

Lighting Tips For Raleigh Video Production

Lighting Tips to Help with Your Raleigh Video Production: When it comes to Raleigh video production and filming a marketing video to help tell the story of your business, as well as gain new customers, it’s important to really focus on the importance of lighting. Though we’ve talked about lighting in previous posts, today our […]

UpCity Lists Top Web Designers in Raleigh NC

Top Web Designers in Raleigh NC: Upcity.com is known for highlighting the best web designers in a new city every single week. Recently, the website targeted web designers in Raleigh NC, and compiled a list of both small and medium sized web designers. According to upcity.com, they’ve selected the best web designers in Raleigh NC […]

Final Tips For Beginners

Raleigh Video Production Tips for Beginners! Hello! Our Raleigh video production experts are back with a few more tips on how to shoot your own marketing video. As we’ve stated in a few previous posts, making your own quality video can be difficult without all the right equipment. Sometimes, it’s best left to the professionals. […]

Raleigh Graphic Design Tips For Typography

Typography Tips | Raleigh Graphic Design Though we don’t give it much thought, typography is one of the most important aspects of a website.Most of the time, viewers take it for granted; until they can’t read it. Without legible, easy to read typography, websites would be useless. Yes, you can communicate your message to users […]