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More Graphic Design Terms

More Graphic Design Terms in Raleigh NC! Luminosity – The brightness of an area arranged by the amount of light it reflects or diffuses. Low-Resolution Image – A low-quality scan made from a photograph or the like. Lower Case – The smaller form of letter used in type. Lossy – A form of data compression […]

How to Pitch the Idea of Video Marketing to Your Company

Raleigh NC Video Production: Pitching Video Marketing to Your Company Having trouble convincing your business partner, boss, or marketing team that online video marketing is worth your time? TigerHive Creative Group, Raleigh NC video production, is here to help you do the convincing. Below, you’ll find several great reasons you can present to “sell” them […]

Documentary Style Videos

Video Production Raleigh NC: Documentary Videos Documentary style scripts for video production in Raleigh NC driven by interviews are usually written in reverse. The most groundwork you can do in advance, concerning the script, is to create questions. While forming questions for the interviewee, be sure to leave them general. A broader question is good […]

Videos For All Your Business Needs!

Raleigh Video Production May be What Your Business Needs for Growth! Below, our Raleigh video production team at TigerHive Creative Group takes a moment to re-visit the different types of videos that can be beneficial for your business: Consumer Testimonials Nothing can convince other consumers better a satisfied customer! Testimonials can be persuasive and helpful […]

Writing a Script for Your Marketing Video

Raleigh NC Video Production: Tips for Writing a Script Hello! Today, our Raleigh NC video production team is going to continue our discussion on corporate video production and talk a bit about making the choice to write a script for production day versus developing a concept without a script. When you create an online video you […]

Developing a Concept for Your Corporate Video

Developing a Concept During Corporate Video Production in Raleigh NC Welcome back! In our last post we began talking about corporate video production in Raleigh NC and how important it is for growing your business into a successful company. Raleigh video production, used as a corporate marketing or informational tool is a way to promote your business […]

Corporate Video Production

Video Production Raleigh: Corporate Uses Corporate video production in Raleigh is a way to promote your company or offer instructional resources that will benefit your business. These videos are effective advertisement tools and draw in potential clients. However, a chaotic or perplexing video, without a clear call to action or instruction won’t be effective, at […]

The Who, What and How of Marketing Videos

Raleigh Video Production is Taking the Marketing World By Storm! Did you know… Internet video traffic will be 69% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017 More than 1 billion users watch 6 billion hours of video per month on YouTube US digital video ad spending will nearly double in only 3 years, climbing to […]

Video Marketing 101

Why Raleigh NC Video Production for Your Business? At this point, you’ve probably heard a few reasons. You’re also probably tired of hearing it! BUT, even though you have heard the story several times, our Raleigh NC video production team can’t say it enough! Video marketing is the best way to gain viewers and potential […]

Video Your Next Event or Conference!

Raleigh Video Production: Have Your Next Event Filmed! Does your business ever host an event or conference? If so, you’ve got a great opportunity for video content. Videoing your next conference or event is a great way to show your potential clients what you can do for them. We all know how important it is […]