3D Product Images

Sample 3D Product Display

3D Product Images & Renderings

Looking for an interesting way to display your physical products or concept designs? TigerHive can help. Our video production and 3D rendering teams can take create videos of your live products or create realistic 3D renderings using you existing modeling file (such as SolidWorks, AutoCad, etc) to create an interactive 3D experience for your customers that goes beyond flat, 2D images.

Once the 3D product image is ready, our web development team can show you how to embed it on our site, share it on social media or integrate it into many eCommerce packages. For clients with a large product inventory and an in-house photography and video team, we can also provide consulting and guidance to train your in-house team to do all or part of the process to help mitigate the cost of outsourcing the complete project.