Behind The Scenes13 Videos

BTS: iCi Digital Corporate Video Filming

Behind the scenes of a corporate video shoot filming several employees in an office environment utilizing the Canon C100 and digital Sennheiser microphones as well as LED lights.

BTS: Veterans Life Center Event

Behind the Scenes of a live event filming for the groundbreaking ceremony for the Veteran’s Life Center featuring Senator Thom Tillis.

BTS: Lightboard

John Costigan provides online and live sales training for his clients. He incorporates the Lightboard to train his clients’ sales force in a fun and interactive way. This allows John to customize his training based on his clients as well. Check out more on our Lightboard capabilities.

BTS: Tire Shoot

A Behind the scenes look at filming a promo video for a tire shop.


Behind the scenes during an NFL shoot in New York.

BTS: Eric Decker

Behind the scenes look at filming New York Jets’s Wide receiver, Eric Decker.

BTS: New York

An aerial shot, on the way to New York to film with the NLF.