Corporate Videos

TigerHive Creative Group serves corporations and companies in Raleigh, North Carolina and surrounding areas. We make corporate videos through a creative and professional lens.

We know that each client is different and we want to serve you by providing the best service and producing the highest quality video that will promote your business. Whether you need a corporate video for a customer success stories or a video to promote an event, TigerHive Creative Group is highly skilled in producing videos for clients in business.

Corporate Video Services include:

  • Creative Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Company Video
  • On-site Camera Operating and Support
  • Post Production Reel and Highlights

If you have a corporate event, we can also outfit your event with lights, microphones, graphic design promotional materials and much, much more. Anything you may need to spruce up your corporate event, we can provide. Go to our Event Coverage or Corporate Events page to find out more.

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