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About TigerHive Creative Group

TigerHive Creative Group is a “one-stop-shop” video production and design studio specializing in a variety of graphic, video and print solutions that help businesses grow. We have five core competencies, graphic design, video production, web design, printing (small and wide format) and photography.

Our brand name is a powerful amalgam of two seemingly disparate concepts that are vital to accomplishing our corporate mission:  To honor God as we help others achieve their goals by equipping them with creative media that effectively tells their story.

Foremost, we each respect a higher calling working together as a family in a hive-like mentality to help our clients achieve their goals.  While many hives discourage individuality, each team member is empowered to serve the hive as a tiger; a creature of strength and ingenuity that can independently develop solutions that are noble, courageous and imaginative.

Browse our site, watch our videos that we produce for clients. We encourage you to take a look at the graphic design that has come from our talented team. Check out our company bios, design work, recently finished projects, photography and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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Graphic Design

Graphic Design Travel Management Partners

TMP’s desire was to own an integrated print and web toolkit that supports their entire brand. With that the designs needed to reflect the interior design of corporate headquarters as well. Our solutions provide a visual message that capture and express the unique formulas that TMP’s role plays out to their clients. Check out more […]
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Video Production

Veterans Affairs Training Video

The Department of Veterans Affairs Mental Health and Chaplaincy program, in collaboration with the Defense Centers of Excellence in Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE), were tasked with Strategic Action #23 of the Integrated Mental Health Strategy (IMHS) commissioned by the US Secretary of Defense in 2010 to study ways which might improve mental […]
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Responsive Mobile Site

What exactly are responsive website designs? According to marketingland.com. “If you compare a tablet or mobile phone display screen with a PC or laptop equivalent, the main difference between the two is the overall display size on offer.You can shrink that size down into something that a smaller display device can deal with, but when […]
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Top 3 Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

On Friday, February 10th, TigerHive Creative Group assisted the NC DBA with their Special Event: Coffee Chat with Senator Tillis. Although plans were to do this in person, an alternative solution was provided by doing the call via Skype.  We utilize Skype, GoTo Meeting, WebEx and other web conferencing platforms to provide interactive high quality […]

How To Use Video To Market Your Business

Video Marketing is becoming increasingly more important across marketing channels all over the world and in Raleigh, North Carolina. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, you name it, video is on it. Why is video so important to your marketing strategy? Good question. It’s not only important but imperative. Video allows you to get a lot of content […]

How to Use Lightboard To Enhance Your Training

Consider it the latest and greatest way to capture your audience through Lightboarding. Haven’t heard of a Lightboard located in Raleigh, NC? A Lightboard is an innovative technology that is an interactive and eye grabbing solution for instructional videos, live webinars and much more. To get into specifics, the Lightboard technology is simply a special […]

Q&A About YouTube Channels for Businesses

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel for your business? Not sure how to do it or if it’s worth your while? Don’t worry. Making short videos and uploading them to YouTube is a great way to promote your business and gain brand awareness. It will be a fun, engaging way to not only learn more […]