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About TigerHive Creative Group

TigerHive Creative Group is a “one-stop-shop” video production and design studio specializing in a variety of graphic, video and print solutions that help businesses grow. We have five core competencies, graphic design, video production, web design, printing (small and wide format) and photography.

Our brand name is a powerful amalgam of two seemingly disparate concepts that are vital to accomplishing our corporate mission:  To honor God as we help others achieve their goals by equipping them with creative media that effectively tells their story.

Foremost, we each respect a higher calling working together as a family in a hive-like mentality to help our clients achieve their goals.  While many hives discourage individuality, each team member is empowered to serve the hive as a tiger; a creature of strength and ingenuity that can independently develop solutions that are noble, courageous and imaginative.

Browse our site, watch our videos that we produce for clients. We encourage you to take a look at the graphic design that has come from our talented team. Check out our company bios, design work, recently finished projects, photography and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.


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Graphic Design

NCVAN Website Redesign

North Carolina's Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) came to us to redesign their website. They needed their site to be responsive so we made sure to optimize their existing content, so more of their uses would have better access to vital content, via a desktop computer, a laptop, a mobile device, or tablet. Additionally, a translator is available to transcribe all of the site's pages to English, Spanish, Burmese, Hindi, and Vietnamese. Having a robust directory, redesigning the content was a large fete, but a necessary one for the organization. The redesign of this website exemplifies a strong case for creating content that is accessible to your users as well as making the investment in maintaining an up-to-date, responsive website.
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Video Production

iCi DIGITAL AEM 6.3 Snapshot

We filmed iCi Digital so they could better to introduce new software, Adobe Experience Manager, through a training video. This video has different presenters discussing the advantages to the AEM 6.3 software, as well as the updates, to better engage its users through the desktop app.  
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Responsive Mobile Site

What exactly are responsive website designs? According to marketingland.com. “If you compare a tablet or mobile phone display screen with a PC or laptop equivalent, the main difference between the two is the overall display size on offer.You can shrink that size down into something that a smaller display device can deal with, but when […]
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Learn & Share

A Great Thing To Have In Common

Each year a group called the CBMC puts together a popular, powerful event in the Raleigh, NC called the Triangle Leadership Breakfast. Today marked the 19th anniversary of this breakfast that draws approximately 400-500 participants each year. The purpose of the breakfast is to invite businesspersons to a gathering where they will hear a great […]

TigerHive Creative Group Full Page Ad

We recently published one of our first full-page ads showcasing our new brand, as well as numerous projects that span across various media. We would love to work with you for your creative needs, whether it's print, video production, graphic design, web design, logo design or a package of multiple services.

Food Photography with Paolo’s on 54

We’ve recently had the pleasure of rebranding Lubrano’s, an Italian restaurant in Morrisville, NC. Among updating pieces of their brand, such as their logo (pictured below), we were also responsible for photographing some of their new dishes, as well as some of the favorites that remained on the menu since their rebrand. Contact us if you find yourself in need of any food and/or beverage photography.

Top 3 Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

On Friday, February 10th, TigerHive Creative Group assisted the NC DBA with their Special Event: Coffee Chat with Senator Tillis. Although plans were to do this in person, an alternative solution was provided by doing the call via Skype.  We utilize Skype, GoTo Meeting, WebEx and other web conferencing platforms to provide interactive high quality […]