More Graphic Design Terms

More Graphic Design Terms in Raleigh NC!

  • Luminosity – The brightness of an area arranged by the amount of light it reflects or diffuses.
  • Low-Resolution Image – A low-quality scan made from a photograph or the like.
  • Lower Case – The smaller form of letter used in type.
  • Lossy – A form of data compression where detail is deleted as the file size is decreased. JPEG is an example of a lossy compression method.
  • Lossless – Refers to a form of data compression where the detail is maintained and no data is lost after file downsizing. The lossless compression method is often used in TIFF and GIF formats.
  • Letterpress – A technique of printing where movable type is inked and then pressed against paper to create an impression. Also called block printing.
  • Legend – A table inside a project that lists vital illustrations or instructions; footnote that helps users better understand information.
  • Leaf – One piece of paper in a publication.
  • Leading – Refers to the amount of added vertical spacing between lines of text.
  • Layers – A tool within graphic software that permits the user to gather, organize, and re-edit their artwork.
  • Keyline – A keyline is another name for a rule, line, or even a frame border. Keyline options can be set through design software applications to adjust the width, to be solid or dotted, or to show different patterns.
  • Keyframe – Any frame in which a specific aspect of an item (its size, location, color, etc.) is specifically defined.
  • Kerning – Modifying the horizontal space between letters.
  • Duotone – A method of printing an image using two colors, usually black and a spot color.
  • Dummy – A prototype or mock-up of a book, page, or any project designed to resemble and serve as a substitute for the real thing.
  • Drop Shadow – Is a visual effect added to an image to give the impression the image is raised above the background by duplicating the shadow.
  • DPI (Dots Per Inch) – A term to describe the measure of sharpness within an image.
  • Double Page Spread – A double page spread is a layout that extends across two pages.
  • Dot Gain – When the ink hits the paper, it is absorbed and it somewhat spreads out.
  • Dodge – This is when you lighten or reduce part of an image by shading.
  • Dingbat – An ornament used in typesetting to add space around an image or a symbol.
  • Die Cut – A die that cut shapes or holes in different materials to make the design stand out.
  • Descender – The part of a lowercase letter that stretches below the body.

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