How to Pitch the Idea of Video Marketing to Your Company

Raleigh NC Video Production: Pitching Video Marketing to Your Company

Having trouble convincing your business partner, boss, or marketing team that online video marketing is worth your time?

TigerHive Creative Group, Raleigh NC video production, is here to help you do the convincing. Below, you’ll find several great reasons you can present to “sell” them on this ingenious idea.

Customers Love to Watch Online Video

  • YouTube has 4 billion or more views each day.  It’s also the second largest search engine next Google
  • 78% of people watch at least once a week and 55% watch every day (Marketing Week)

While these statistics are pretty convincing, we will continue, as there are even more statistics that further prove our point:

Everyone is watching video. It’s important to make ads, promos, branded entertainment, web series, video blogs, funny viral videos, any kind of video. Whatever style video it takes to reach your customers.

Video is Helping the Competition

  • 81% of senior marketing executives now use online video content in their marketing programs, up from 70% in 2011, (MarketingProfs)

Though this approach is a bit cold, it’s effective. Scare them with the knowledge that their competition is escalating their video marketing programs and are way ahead of them.

Videos can be Found Everywhere

  • Video results have appeared in almost 70% of the top 100 search listing on Google in 2012 (Marketing Week)

Consumers are looking for your products and services. Where? Online. Social media can affect organic Google search results as well as be an entry point to your website, microsite or promo page. YouTube is the second largest search engine, meaning videos get ranked high in Google results.

Video is Sharable

  • More than 500 years of YouTube videos are watched every day on Facebook (Marketing Week)
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute (Marketing Week)

Raleigh NC Video Production | TigerHive Creative Group

Video sharing is a huge part of social media and social media is a huge part of our lives. Get your product or service message out there in a fun and shareable way!

For more information on how to convince your business partner, boss, etc. of the benefits of marketing videos, be sure to visit back with our Raleigh NC video production team soon! We will be back with more great reasons that will help you prove your case!

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