Documentary Style Videos

Video Production Raleigh NC: Documentary Videos

Documentary style scripts for video production in Raleigh NC driven by interviews are usually written in reverse. The most groundwork you can do in advance, concerning the script, is to create questions. While forming questions for the interviewee, be sure to leave them general. A broader question is good for several reasons:

  • It allows the interviewer to become familiar with unanticipated directions that could be better than anticipated ones.
  • Specific questions that lead to specific answers, can often lead to robotic responses. In addition, specific questions can prompt yes or no answers which necessitates the interviewer having to spend time trying to coax a longer response from  the interviewee.
  • General open ended questions get the interviewee talking which is much more genuine and allows their personality to show through.
  • Once the interviews have been videoed, they’ll need to be transcribed. Transcribe means to type out the interview, word for word. Then, go through the interviews with a highlighter and highlight everything you want to include in the video. Be careful of chopping it too finely, or it will become obvious that the content has been greatly edited. Finally, go back and choose the order of the segments.

Production Raleigh NC | B-Roll

According to, B-roll is the supplemental or alternative footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary video.

Ideally, the b-roll should be shot after editing the interviews for content. Oftentimes, that won’t be possible. It’s important to have as much b-roll shot as possible, related to each interviewee’s subject. The b-roll is partly to cover transitions but most importantly to help tell the story.

Generally, the most significant thing to remember while writing a script for corporate video production in Raleigh NC is that you have a goal to achieve. All the originality in the world won’t meet your needs if there isn’t a planned goal in place. In addition, it isn’t worth the time, money, and effort you’ll spend on it. With a little bit of video production planning, your video will be something that can benefit your business indefinitely.

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