Writing a Script for Your Marketing Video

Raleigh NC Video Production: Tips for Writing a Script

Hello! Today, our Raleigh NC video production team is going to continue our discussion on corporate video production and talk a bit about making the choice to write a script for production day versus developing a concept without a script.

When you create an online video you have to understand that viewers not only have short attention spans, but they also have a whole lot of other video content they could be watching instead of yours. For this reason it’s important to keep your video short and to the point. Writing a script and sticking to it helps to keep the video time down and viewers interested throughout the entire video. Using a script will also help you to be more organized and use production time more efficiently.

Below, you’ll find a few tips for writing a script for your corporate video:

Raleigh NC Video Production | Writing a Script

There are many different styles you can take when writing a script. The writing depends on the style you choose.

Voice-Over Narration

If you want a voice-over narration in your video, you can begin writing the narration well in advance. This allows you to film only what you know will be highlighted in the finished video. This is especially helpful for instructional videos. It can also be used for marketing videos. If you’re interviewing someone for the video, you can outline what questions you want to ask the interviewee within the script. Choosing to do an interview can cause the script to change before the final product. Even with changes, the script will help you stay organized and use production time more efficiently.

In our next post, our Raleigh NC video production team will talk more about writing a script and offer more tips on interview style videos.

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