Advantages of Video Email Marketing

Video Production Raleigh: Benefits of Video Email Marketing

Welcome back! In our last post TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh, began talking about video emails and how important they are to benefit your business. Email is the most popular, efficient form of communication for most business oriented individuals and it’s important to understand that it can also help you with your marketing efforts.

Below, you’ll find a few reasons why our Raleigh video production team loves video emails and how they can enhance your marketing strategy.

Online Reporting – Tracking when emails were received, when they were opened and which ones were delivered to bad addresses helps to know how well the video emails are doing.

Business Communication – Your email is ordered and has a presence that is suitable for a professional company and helps to improve your communication skills with customers.

Target Marketing – Custom fields help you to sort and segment your contact list into smaller, more tailored segments so that you can send different videos to different demographics!

Cost Effective – With no advertising fees for commercials, you’re able to spend money only on your video production team.

Be sure to visit back with us soon, as we will have more great information on marketing video emails and how well they can benefit your business!

If you need help with video production in Raleigh, be sure to contact us. We guarantee to boost your sales and grow your business to new levels! Our professional Raleigh video production team specializes in creating effective video marketing for those that need a change to their marketing plan. Our talented team is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your video and delivering the highest quality video production within your budget. Contact TigerHive Creative Group, to get started with your personalized, results-driven video solutions for your business.

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