2015 Web Design Trends

Web design in Raleigh will become more elegant and less complicated in 2015. The trends that are gaining popularity are ones that have been climbing the trend ladder for a couple of years now. Below, you’ll find a few designs that you might want to consider incorporating into your current online presence.

Web Design Raleigh: 2015 Trends

Flat Design – We’ve talked about flat design in several older posts but seeing as how it is only gaining popularity, it’s safe to say that revisiting this web design trend in Raleigh NC is productive!

The time of textures, shadows, bubbles, patterns, and gradient colors is over. It’s time to switch out these tired old designs for something simpler with a minimalistic approach. The designs focus more on smooth elements that work well with flat screened computers, laptops, and hand held devices. To take a look back at our previous posts, visit the following:

Single Page – Gone are the days where bulky, page laden web designs in Raleigh NC are popular. Telling your brand’s story and selling products are now done over one page with a continuous scroll. Viewers are able to see all that your business has to offer without ever having to click from one page to another. It’s great for convenience and consolidation.

In addition to being convenient and easy to use for all viewers, single page web design in Raleigh is most beneficial for those smartphone and tablet users. It’s often hard to navigate a website on handheld devices.

Responsive. It’s been predicted that in 2015, mobile Internet usage will overtake conventional laptops and desktops. What does this mean for web design? Designs need to be responsive in order to make sure the site is easy to use on a handheld device. Of course there are mobile website designs, as well, but it’s better to have one online presence than two.

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