More Web Design Trends For 2015

2015 Raleigh Website Design Trends

Welcome back! Our Raleigh website design team is here with more 2015 web design trends to look out for!

2015 will be all about ease and elegance, as Raleigh website design teams are more concerned with turning out less complicated websites. Take a look back at our previous post, before moving on, if you haven’t already!

Remember, some of the 2015 website design trends you’ll be familiar with. Some, you might not be. It’s probably a good idea to get familiarized with the ones you’re not, as they’re expected to really take off with popularity in the next several months!

Interactive Storytelling – Text is no longer the only way to share stories and increase engagement. Now, many sites are adding narratives, and other interactive storytelling as a way to compel visitors and engage potential clients. To learn more about interactive storytelling, look for a post, soon!

Personal UX – You may think you’ve never even heard of this trend, but you actually have. Netflix and YouTube use it frequently. Fortunately, you can, too! According to, you can “Put those cookies to use and make personalized, targeted content. It’s much more engaging to recognize a returning visitor by saying ‘welcome back’ than it is to present the same content. You can also add a plugin to your blog that highlights new posts that have been published since the previous visit.”

Responsive Design – Storming the Internet since 2013, responsive design is still on a mission to conquer the world! No trend list would be complete without this everlasting trend. And why shouldn’t it?! It’s allowing users to easily view websites, no matter what type of device they’re using, without having to zoom in and scroll over. According to, “More than half of all Americans (58%) own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet computer. That number is expected to climb. If your website is not responding to different screen sizes, it’s stuck in 2008. Asking visitors to pinch-to-zoom is a travesty.”

Responsive is all about accommodating your visitors no matter how they access your website. A nice responsive design is a great way to say thanks to all your viewers, as well as make yourself available to any and all who chose to access your website on whatever type of device they choose.

As we said previously, there is still a little while before we see whether or not these trends become as popular as they’re predicted to, but our Raleigh website design team has faith they’ll do well!

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