Raleigh Graphic Design: Typography

If your website was created 5 or 10 years ago, chances are your Raleigh graphic design elements are majorly outdated! Just as fashion trends move on after a few years, so do graphic and web designs. It’s important to keep your web presence updated and fresh, so that viewers who see it don’t leave as quickly as they came. Viewers want to see all the new trends, not trends from 2005.

Typography is an art of its own. It’s also quickly gaining popularity in the Raleigh graphic design world. As a 2015 design trend to look out for, it’s important to learn a few things about typography from the expert graphic design team at TigerHive Creative Group!

As one of the biggest design trends to date, typography is a graphic design element storming the world of design. Typography is often referred to as the king of fonts. Raleigh graphic design is strongly affected by typography today, in more ways than one. Not only does it affect how people react to a website, it also helps to solidify a business’s brand by the use of color and images that are designed to attract the attention of the viewer. Even more, typography is a way to use a graphic design font to induce a certain emotion or mimic a particular style. Typography demands attention and creates a statement while prompting viewers to take action, before leaving the website.

Research has shown that the clever use of typography can affect readers’ emotions and their performance in other tasks. Large companies sponsor comprehensive research and psychological assessments that focus on typography and how the use of fonts can affect readers. In one study, researchers found that when quality typography is used, people frown less and perform better creatively and cognitively.

According to an article from Literature at the Human-Computer Seam, studies have indicated that visual fatigue from reading off a computer screen can be ascribed to awkward character rendering, poor choice of line length and other typographical elements.

To learn more about typography and how it can greatly improve your web presence and boost sales for your business, visit back with our Raleigh graphic design team, soon! We will have more information on typography, as well as, other graphic design trends for 2015.

If you are ready to update your Raleigh graphic design elements on your website, contact TigerHive Creative Group, soon! We guarantee to boost your sales and grow your business to new levels with typography that engages and excites! Our professional graphic design team specializes in creating effective typography and other graphics for those that need a change in their web presence and want something more.

Our talented team is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your business and offering the highest quality Raleigh graphic design within your budget. Contact TigerHive Creative Group to get started with your personalized, results-driven solutions for your business.

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