Use Marketing Videos to Grow Your Business!

Ready to take on a new perspective in the marketing world in order to grow you business to successful levels? If so, consider video marketing! Our Raleigh video production team is confident that you’ll be amazed at the results!

Raleigh Video Production and Marketing for Your Business!

Did you know that video marketing is popular because internet research is a key part of the way people do all their research now? Videos can tell a story, offer a testimony and give your company an opportunity to reach out to potential customers on a level that’s never been possible before now. Many business think that video marketing is too expensive for their marketing budget. While it can be pricey, many Raleigh video production teams are willing to work with a budget to ensure that you’re able to use video marketing to your advantage, at a price you can afford.

Benefits of Video Marketing

There are tons of benefits to using video marketing within your current strategy. You’ll be able to do the following and more:

  • engage customers
  • reach development goals
  • promote goods and services
  • share stories and testimonials that encourage potential customers
  • gain website traffic and users

TigerHive Creative Group has said it before in previous articles, but it’s worth saying again; storytelling is the key to successful marketing. Customers love a good story. The benefits to investing in video production will offer a great return, as you’ll be able to offer your new and current customers a way to really learn about and in engage in your business in a way that interests them!

Still not sure about video marketing for your business? Consider the following statistics!


  1. Zappos saw increases of 6% to 30% in sales for their products that had a video accompaniment.
  2. Video converts 71% better than other digital marketing such as images and text.
  3. com reported that visitors were 144% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video of the product than those who didn’t.
  4. com experienced a 44% increase in online sales conversions by using videos to showcase their products.
  5. Over a third of large brands produce more than 100 content marketing videos a year.
  6. Living Direct found that videos boosted conversion and increased time on site by 9%.
  7. com found that viewers who chose to view video converted at a 400% increase over those who didn’t. The site also credited video with decreasing returns by 25%.

If you are ready to take advantage of video marketing for your small business, contact TigerHive Creative Group, soon! Our Raleigh video production team guarantee to boost your sales and grow your business to new levels with a video that engages and excites!

Our talented team is dedicated to realizing the vision you have for your business and offers the highest quality video production within your budget. Contact our Raleigh video production team to get started with your personalized, results-driven solutions for your business.

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And remember, if you’re ready to start attracting more customers by the power of video marketing, contact TigerHive Creative Group, Raleigh video production to get started, today!

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