Uses of Animation

Are you interested in learning more about animation and how effective it is? Today, we are going to further discuss this popular type of graphic design!

As we mentioned in a previous post, there are three different types of animation that are most popular. Though there are many other different types of animation, the three below are most commonly used:

  • Traditional
  • Computer Generated
  • Stop Motion

So what are these types of animation used for?

Education – Children love animation. It’s a great tool to help them engage and learn. Using bright colors, movement and characters the kids can identify, they’re able to learn for longer amounts of time without a loss of concentration.

Entertainment – We all love movies and T.V. shows. Animation is used to entertain people of all ages! What are your favorite animated films or T.V. shows? Even adults love them!

Advertisement – Animation is a great way to add interest and excitement to any type of advertisement. Big corporations use them to attract an audience. Many animated ads have gained millions of viewers and more on websites YouTube. In addition, the ads provided them with massive profit gain, as well!

Video Games – Many people live for video games. Without animation, there wouldn’t be as much of an attraction to play the games.

Marketing – What better way to really grab the attention of customers than with animation? Have an animated video or graphic on your website and see the difference in your web traffic! You’ll be amaze at the difference. Animation is exciting and engages everyone that sees it, no matter the age!

In our next blog post, our team will talk more about the different types of animation, in detail. We will also talk about graphic design in Raleigh and how it goes with animation in a future post, as well.

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Animation is an amazing addition to graphic design and all that goes with it! If you’re interested in learning more about it, be sure to visit the other blog post in our series, below:

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