Types of Animation

Welcome back! In our previous post, we began talking about animation and how popular it has become in the last year. Our graphic design in Raleigh NC has been greatly enhanced by animation and we are excited to see how things progress in the future! Today, we are going to learn more about the three most popular types of animation:

  • Traditional
  • Computer Generated
  • Stop Motion


According to wisegeek.com, “Traditional animation involves drawing every frame of a film by hand. After all the drawings are completed and colored, they can be photographed or scanned into a computer and then combined with sound on film. The process is extremely time-consuming, since it requires the creation of around 24 drawings per second of film. It’s also labor-intensive, which is why most traditionally animated films are produced by large companies.”

Computer Generated

A faster way to produce animation is through computer software. two dimensional and three dimensional options are available through the software solutions. Though the process of creation for each is different, it’s still easier and faster than traditional animation creation.

2D computer generated animation requires the animator to create a series of images. Each one will be slightly different from the last. 3D computer generated animation requires the creator to build a model of the object.  According to wisegeek.com, “This can be done by creating animation variables, which are points on a computer model that can be moved to create a different posture or look, or by using motion capture, in which a live actor acts the part of the character and his or her motions are recorded and applied to the computer-created model.”

Stop Motion

This type of animation involves photographed objects and manipulation. It uses one motion and one frame at a time. No matter what the object is, stop motion requires the creator to photograph the objects and then transfer them to film. Then sound can be added accordingly. Many times, stop motion uses actual people. These individuals hold poses for various frames.

If your’e interested in learning more about animation, be sure to visit back with our blog, soon! We will have even more information to help you understand the reason for how popular this element of design has become!

Animation and Graphic Design in Raleigh NC

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