What is Animation?

Animation is becoming more and more popular in the Raleigh graphic design world. Our experts are learning more every day, with demands for animation coming from many different angles. While it’s growing and becoming more important, many still aren’t sure what animation actually is. Today, TigerHive Creative Group is here to help you learn more about this highly popular element of design!

What is Animation?

According to wisegeek.com, “The process of displaying still images in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement. These images can be hand drawn, computer generated, or pictures of 3D objects. Though most people associate animation with cartoons, it also has applications in industrial and scientific research. Regardless of the type, the viewer’s body plays a main role in why people see continuous movement instead of a series of quickly changing images.”

Animation is an amazing addition to overall graphic design. You won’t believe how awesome it is! Did you know that animated films aren’t actually moving? That’s right! Though they appear to  be moving, it’s actually only an illusion of movement. This illusion is called persistence of vision. The brain and eyes work together to store the animation images for fractions of second at a time. Then, the brain smooths out the blips so that it looks as if they’re moving. Animation is shot at an extremely fast rate, causing our brains to think it’s moving!

Over the next several blog posts, our Raleigh graphic design team will go into further detail about the different types of animation, as well as, what it’s used for! Be sure to visit back with us, soon!

Raleigh Graphic Design and More!

TigerHive Creative Group provides custom illustrations, on-screen tutorial productions, explainer videos and motion graphics animation for those that need to enhance their web presence. If you have any questions or would like to speak with our expert custom animation team, contact TigerHive Creative Group, today! In addition to animation, we specialize in Raleigh graphic design, video production and more!

Animation is an amazing addition to graphic design and all that goes with it! If you’re interested in learning more about it, be sure to visit the other blog post in our series, below:

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