Adobe Illustrator Vs. Photoshop, Continued

Welcome back! In our previous post, we began discussing Adobe Illustrator and how it differs from Photoshop. Today, we are going to continue our discussion with Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop | Graphic Design Raleigh

Adobe Photoshop offer a great way to create logos and is the most popular software in the design world. Known for it’s use of pixels to create an image or logo, Photoshop is perfect for modifying images and graphics that have already been created. Unfortunately, some images can look distorted and jagged, as certain images are made up pixels.

Everything in Photoshop is essentially pixels. Pixels are individually colored squares that lump together to make up an image. Quality is at risk with Photoshop when scaling a logo up or down. The software is mostly used for website graphic design in Raleigh NC and photo editing. These tend to stay the same size and can be printed with no worries of distortion.

Editing photos is in Photoshop is fantastic! Most love the tools because there are tons of different special effects and unique filters that can be used!

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned in our last post, there are several differences between the to software solutions. Below, you’ll find a recap of what’s different:

  • Illustrator create lines with two dots that are connected by a computer algorithm. Photoshop uses a line of pixels, instead.
  • You’re able to use Illustrator and Photoshop together, to create the perfect logo.
  • Neither software is better than the other. It’ a matter of preference.

We hope that between this blog post and our previous one, you’re able to better understand the difference in Photoshop and Illustrator! To take a look back at our previous blog post, visit the link below:

  • Adobe Illustrator Vs. Photoshop

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