Adobe Illustrator Vs. Photoshop

There are two different types of software that are great for designing a logo. Illustrator and Photoshop are the two most commonly used in the graphic design world. Choosing which to use is often difficult, as many don’t know the difference in the two. Below, our Raleigh graphic design team talks your through each software and help you decide which you’ll use!

Adobe Illustrator

As an advanced software that uses mathematical constructs, Illustrator creates vector graphics. Using dots and computer algorithms, Illustrator also offers a great way to create logos that never loose it’s quality when scaled down or up.

In short, Illustrator offers a better quality print for logos, as it’s not dependent on resolution. Unfortunately, once an image is complete, it is very difficult to modify or change it. Filters are limited and the editing tools are, as well.

Did you know that using Illustrator to create videos is possible, as well? That’s right! Having an awesome video with animation for your company can only happen when you choose to work with the best video production studio. As a reflection of your brand, the video animation will offer a personality to your business. It’ll also help with first impressions and help with new customers. An eye-catching video is a key!

Adobe Illustrator Vs. Photoshop

  • Illustrator create lines with two dots that are connected by a computer algorithm. Photoshop uses a line of pixels, instead.
  • You’re able to use Illustrator and Photoshop together, to create the perfect logo.
  • Neither software is better than the other. It’ a matter of preference.

We hope that between this blog post and our next one, you’re able to better understand the difference in Photoshop and Illustrator! To take a look back at our previous blog post, visit the link below:

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If you decide that you’d rather leave the designing to professionals, consider contacting TigerHive Creative Group. Our expert graphic design team is here to help you create a logo that stands out among all the rest! You’ll be excited at the difference in our logo designs! Contact us, today, to learn more about working with our Raleigh graphic design team!

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