Creating a Logo in Illustrator Part 2

Welcome back! Are you ready to learn more about creating a logo in Illustrator!? Today, we are going to continue our step by step tutorial that will teach you how to incorporate the best graphic design in Raleigh NC into your logo!

In our last post we began adding objects to the business name. We will begin with that point, today.

  • Locate the objects you placed in your business name and select them.
  • Scale the size to 70 percent smaller and then 40 percent smaller again.
  • Color the fill from biggest to the smallest object any color you’d like.
  • Make sure that the left and right biggest object is placed on the back of your name.
  • Create more graphic designs in Raleigh NC and scale them to 90 percent smaller.
  • Then click copy.
  • Now, you can try different colors, after you’ve created all the graphics needed.
  • Work on your business name until it’s unique and eye-catching.

According to

  • Click the appearance window where you will be able to see what fill color is used and how many strokes are placed.
  • The next step is to add strokes on your name. Add strokes by dragging your first stroke to the “create a new layer” icon. Do these until you have four strokes on your name, make each stoke also 2 pts. higher than previous one.
  • Change also the fill of your name to different colors.

Graphic Design in Raleigh NC

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If you’d like to take a look at how to create one in Photoshop, visit the blog posts, below:

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