Welcome back! In our previous post, we began talking about animation and what it actually. To review, animation is the process of displaying still images in a rapid sequence to create the illusion of movement. These images can be hand drawn, computer generated, or pictures of 3D objects. Though most people associate animation with cartoons, it also has applications in industrial and scientific research. Regardless of the type, the viewer’s body plays a main role in why people see continuous movement instead of a series of quickly changing images. (

Types of Animation | Graphic Design in Raleigh NC

There are three different types of animation that are most popular. Each have 2 and 3D capabilities. Though there are many other different types of animation, the three below are most commonly used:

  • Traditional
  • Computer Generated
  • Stop Motion

Before going into detail about each type of animation, our Raleigh graphic design team will talk more about when animation is used. Many think that animation is used only for TV, movies and video games. Of course, it is commonly used for this type of entertainment, animation has far more uses, as well.

  • Educational Videos
  • Advertisement via Internet and TV
  • Research and Development (simulation creations of how an object can work)
  • Troubleshooting
  • Visualization of Abstract Objects and Concepts (mostly for those that are too small or large to be seen easily)

Animation is an amazing addition to graphic design and all that goes with it! If you’re interested in learning more about it, be sure to visit the other blog post in our series, below:

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In our next blog post, our team will talk more about the different types of animation, in detail. We will also talk about graphic design in Raleigh and how it goes with animation in a future post, as well.

TigerHive Creative Group provides custom illustrations, on-screen tutorial productions, explanation  videos and motion graphics animation for those that need to enhance their web presence. If you have any questions or would like to speak with our expert custom animation team, contact TigerHive Creative Group, today! In addition to animation, we specialize in graphic design in Raleigh NC, video production and more!

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