Web Design Trends to Consider Removing From Your Website in 2014

Raleigh Website Design Trends Are Ever Changing. Trust TigerHive Creative Group to Keep Your Website Up-to-date!

Web design trends are always coming and going. As technology grows, so does knowledge about web design and graphic design. With that comes web design trends! In our last post we took a look at a few things that aren’t so hot for 2014, as far as trends go. These are things that you might consider eliminating from your current website. To take a further look at our exiting Raleigh website design trends, continue reading! If you have any questions about our previous post, contact us!

Circular Script Logos

According to treefrog.ca, “Using a script font within a circle, either outlined or filled in, monogram or full title, used to be the height of cool logo design, but so many people used this look, including individuals on their personal websites as well as professional companies, people became completely burned out by it. There may be a resurgence of this style some day, but it’s safe to say most are steering clear of this overused badge.”

Flash Intros

Attention grabbing aspects of past websites are beginning to be considered distracting. While flash intros can still be found, they’re slowly disappearing. People have moved on to simple designs that have limited features. They’re also moving on to more updated web design. Less surprise is more when designing websites today. No more loud music and flashy animation!

Too Many Fonts

Also according to treefrog.ca, “Everyone knows typography is important, and it’s a lot of fun to play with, but it’s essential that you show restraint when using typefaces on logos, websites and business cards. It’s particularly obvious when someone without graphic design experience develops a site, as they tend to complicate the look with a stunning array of various fonts. Fortunately, even amateurs are learning to scale back and use no more than two, maybe three fonts at the most.”

Keeping up with current Raleigh website design trends and updating your website to rid it of passing trends is important. Trust TigerHive Creative Group and our team of Raleigh web designers to get your website in shape and ready for 2014!! For more information about these trends or how you can update your current website, contact us!

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