Why Consider Making the Switch to Responsive?

Raleigh Web Designers are Going Responsive!

Our Raleigh web designers have said this several times in past posts, but we feel it bears repeating once more. The popularity of handheld devices is seemingly at its highest, but somehow, continues to gain more popularity with each passing month. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets in their everyday lives. Gone are the days when you pull out a map or a phone book to find the business you’re looking for.  Fortunately, the days where those customers were struggling to see your website on their smartphone or tablet can also be gone, all thanks to responsive design and our expert Raleigh web designers!

Raleigh Web Designers | Why Go Responsive?

Even more, those devices are being used for more than just research. Finding the location or phone number of your business on a smartphone via a responsive website is important BUT, being able to shop via a responsive website on a smartphone is essential.

Simply put, if your website doesn’t not work well with handheld devices, your customers are more likely to choose the competition’s easy to use responsive website. Convenience is key in today’s world. Responsive websites are just another step in that direction. According to marketingland.com, “It’s easier for customers to shop with a business that has taken the time and effort to offer their online presence in a mobile or tablet-friendly manner. Even existing customers may feel hard done by, especially when they have spent hard cash on a smartphone or an equally expensive high end tablet.”

Like we stated at the beginning of the post, the importance of a responsive website bears repeating. Our Raleigh web designers are dedicated to helping your business grow through an online presence. Without upgrading your website to a responsive one, it’ll be hard to grow. Let our website designers help. Contact us to find out how you can upgrade your website to responsive.

Also, be sure to visit back with us on our next post. Our Raleigh web designers will talk more about responsive website design, as well as go into detail about why responsive design is better than mobile design.

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