Raleigh Website Design, Are You Ready to Get Responsive?

Raleigh Website Design is Getting Responsive!

If you are proficient at Raleigh website design, get ready to make a few changes to your website. There are a few things that should be done to convert your website display possibilities. When these changes are made, the website will automatically work with smaller screens like tablets, smartphones, etc. So, if you’re up for a challenge, follow these few steps below, or feel free to contact our expert Raleigh website design team at TigerHive Creative Group. We specialize in responsive design, and can help you re-design your website so that it’s compatible with any type of device! Don’t make your viewers have to struggle with zooming in and out of your contact page! Help them view it easily with a responsive website design!

In the meantime, take a look at these steps below, according to marketingland.com:

  • Remove the default zoom – This covers the feature we have already mentioned, the way that your website will automatically zoom to fit the required display screens associated with mobile devices. This needs to be effectively removed before any constructive work can be carried out on your website.
  • Dynamic image scaling – Your website images are extremely important and these will require some adjustment when considering the responsive features we are discussing here. A typical image should be laid out to allow a max-width property, and this can confuse IE when your image has been scaled down for handheld device browsing capability. In order to allow for the correct display to make this switch, you will be required to compile an IE –friendly style sheet that includes ‘width: 100%’ as the main parameter.
  • Touchscreen friendly designs – All smartphones and tablets have touchscreen interfaces and this is probably the main chasm that separates them from tradition keyboard based devices. Therefore you will need to think about a different set of solutions to cater for the mobile element involved in responsive web design. Navigational links should also be increased in size as well as adding a considerable amount of JQuery code onboard.
  • Custom CSS layouts – The natural degradation of the original content should be catered for when making the transition to responsive design.
  • Toggle for extra content – It would be impossible and unrealistic to expect a large screen website page to be legible on a 7 or 8 inch screen so the extra content needs to be hidden and easily viewed by way of a toggle facility.

Remember, if you’re a bit nervous about tweaking any of the above settings, we recommend that you contact our web design experts for help with the transformation! TigerHive Creative Group is the number one leading web design team in the greater Raleigh NC area! We would love to work with you, to get your Raleigh website design, responsive, and ready for all current and potential customers to use without any difficulty!

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