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Benefits of Using Video Production for Your Small Business

Raleigh Video Production Benefits With the extensive reach and the power of the web Internet marketers can now impact their audience in a whole new way.  Using a video is a great way to target potential buyers in a way that captures their whole attention. There are huge benefits to hiring a video production company […]

Marketing Videos Impact Buyer Confidence

Rely on Raleigh Video Production to Help Impact Buyer Confidence! The age of smartphones has brought about a new trend in the world of handheld devices. Videos are now as easy to make as it is to answer a call or snap a photo. Almost anyone can shoot a video with no trouble at all. […]

Video Production Planning Tips!

Planning Tips for Video Production in Raleigh! Are you finally taking our advice and having a video produced for your business marketing strategy? Congratulations! Now that you’ve made your decision, it’s time for our video production team in Raleigh to offer you a few tips on how to make sure your production runs smoothly and […]

Producing a Compelling Video Interview For Your Web Site

Great Tips for Raleigh Video Production and Video Interview One of the things that our Raleigh video production team suggests doing to create content for your YouTube channel or web site is through interviews. Interviewing people in a certain industry or niche that’s similar to the one you’re in can make a great video that […]

Take a Look at 2015 Video Marketing Trends!

Video Production Raleigh NC: 2015 Video Production Trends With 2014 quickly coming to an end (and Christmas much closer than we realize), it’s time to take a look at the upcoming 2015 trends for video production in Raleigh NC. While it’s hard to completely predict what might happen with trends in any situation, it’s pretty […]

Videos Can Help Small Businesses

Digital marketing tools are storming the business world and paying off for business both large and small. One of the most popular digital marketing tools lie with marketing videos. Videos offer a benefit that no other marketing tool can. Below, you’ll find a few statistics and percentages that help you understand just how effective marketing […]

Script Writing for Video Production Part 4

Welcome back! We have more information to help you better understand the world of video marketing and how great it is for your business! Engage | Raleigh Video Production Buyers have tons of sales pitches to work through when choosing a product or service to purchase. It takes time to read case studies, product info […]

Video Production Terms to Know Part 4

Welcome back! We are here with more Raleigh video production terms! If you’ve missed previous posts with other terms, be sure to visit back with them, as well! Raleigh Video Production Terms Zebra – a special function of some viewfinders that displays black and white diagonal stripes on any object in the shot that is […]

Types of Marketing Videos

It’s important to remember how influential video is in today’s time. Everyone wants to watch a video. Whether it’s informational, entertaining, or educational, video is the way of the world. Don’t let your competitor beat you time and time again, because your business isn’t taking advantage of the power of video. Contact our Raleigh video […]

Raleigh Website Design (the responsive revolution!)

TigerHive Creative Group focuses on Raleigh website design that’s mobile and ready to go where ever you are. In our last post titled Raleigh website design tips, we briefly mentioned responsive web design and how important it is. What we didn’t mention what it is, exactly. Today, we will get a better look at responsive […]

Visual Impact is Key for a Successful Raleigh Web Design

Welcome back. In a previous post, we began discussing the concept of a study done by a German entrepreneur, that actually tracks the eye movement of a user viewing a website. The goal in this study is to figure out what viewers actually perceive and pay attention to most. In turn, the study should eventually […]

The Importance of Sound Quality During Raleigh Video Production

Achieving Quality Sound is an Important Part of Raleigh Video Production Audio is an important part of Raleigh video production. Aside from the lighting aspect, it’s actually one of the number one important parts. Without a quality sound, your viewer might not understand what’s being said or demonstrated. In addition, poor sound quality during a video […]

A Few Final Video Statistics to Consider

Video Production Raleigh: Final Statistics to Consider We are back with a few final statistics for you to consider when thinking about video production in Raleigh. Our hope is to bring to light to a rapidly growing marketing tool that will help your business grow and succeed at new levels. According to Retail Touchpoints: The […]

Beginner Video Production Tips

Raleigh Video Production Tips For Beginners! Have you ever tried to shoot a video before? Probably, on your cell phone or the small video camera you’ve had for years. But, have you ever filmed a marketing video? Chances are, no. With Raleigh video production and video marketing just beginning to storm the world, it’s unlikely that […]

Building Your Brand With a Logo

Graphic Design Raleigh NC: Business Logo It’s important for your brand to stand out from the rest when owning a business. In order to do so, a quality, eye-catching logo with a great graphic design in Raleigh NC is key. A logo is, of course, only one element of your brand, but it’s usually the […]

Creating a Logo in Photoshop

Are you thinking of designing a new logo for your business by using Photoshop? If so, there are a few steps to take during the overall process. Below, our Raleigh graphic designer has mapped out the entire process, beginning to end! We hope these tips help. If you need help, don’t hesitate to work with […]

New Business Owners Need a Graphic Designer!

Are you getting ready to open up shop with your very own business? If so, congrats! This is a big step in a great direction! With every new business, there are tons of things that must be in place before opening the doors. One of those has to do with marketing. Within that lies logos, […]

Online Video Statistics

Are you ready to learn more about Raleigh video production and online videos? This type of marketing strategy is only going to bring you a bigger audience and happy customers! Below, you’ll find statistics regarding online video and how important it is for you to incorporate into your current strategies! Online Video Statistics | Raleigh […]

Top 3 Tips for Successful Video Conferencing

On Friday, February 10th, TigerHive Creative Group assisted the NC DBA with their Special Event: Coffee Chat with Senator Tillis. Although plans were to do this in person, an alternative solution was provided by doing the call via Skype.  We utilize Skype, GoTo Meeting, WebEx and other web conferencing platforms to provide interactive high quality […]

Video Advertisements Are Expected to Storm the Web

Contact our Raleigh video production team for help! Video ads are proving to be the new trend on the internet. Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, and potentially Facebook, are all increasing their online video ad market. The soon to be newest member of online video ad marketing, Facebook, has been shopping around for investment partners, since December. […]

2014 Graphic Design Trends

Our Raleigh Graphic Design Team Presents 2014 Graphic Design Trends: In a few previous posts, we talked a lot about 2014 web design trends, as well as web design trends that are losing popularity quickly. Today, we are going to focus our thoughts on typography graphic design trends and how important it is to keep […]

Why Are People Watching So Many Videos?

Raleigh Video Production: Are You Watching Online Videos to Learn More About a Service or Product? It’s no secret how we feel about the magic of Raleigh video production and marketing videos used as a way to improve your business and gain new customers. Those that aren’t using video marketing are missing out on a […]

Are You Ready For Video Marketing?

It’s Time to Take Advantage of Video Production in Raleigh NC! Welcome back! In our last post, TigerHive Creative Group video production in Raleigh NC, revisited the wonderful world of video marketing and how it’s actually storming the world! (To take a look back, be sure to visit our previous post.) As we mentioned last […]

Improving the Quality of Marketing Videos

Video Production Raleigh NC: Improving Marketing Videos Video is a new, trendy way to market your business that should grab viewers’ attention, put your service or products in the limelight and boost sales on a regular basis. Those that have been using videos for marketing purposes are hopefully using a video production company that makes […]