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To Schedule, Or Not to Schedule: Social Media Posts

Welcome back! In a previous post, we went over the importance of scheduling certain social media posts, in a effort to cut down on time spent in the social media world. Today, we will discuss which posts are better left unscheduled. Posting in real time is essential in customer relationship building. These posts are also the ones that […]

2014 Website Trends: A Final Look!

A final look at Raleigh website trends for 2014! It’s time to take a final look at the last few Raleigh web design trends for 2014. We’ve learned about quite a few different trends over the past few posts, and it’s probably getting to be a bit confusing.  Below, you’ll find a quick recap list, […]

Benefits of Testimonial Videos

Video Production Raleigh: Benefits of Testimonial Videos Welcome back! In our last post, our video production in Raleigh began talking about a powerful marketing tool known as testimonial videos. Many business owners never think of using a video to market their business, much less a testimonial video. Videos are the new-age way of growing a successful […]

Video Content Ideas For Your Next Marketing Video!

Video Production Raleigh: Content Ideas for Your Next Video! TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh, is back with a few more ideas that will help you create new content for your marketing videos! If you missed the last post, be sure to visit back! Our experts are here to help you make sure you’re […]

Captivate Your Audience!

Video Production Raleigh: Captivating the Audience! Want to deliver a captivating digital experience? You’ve come to the right place! TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh, focuses on what’s important; creating compelling marketing videos that keep the audience engaged. The only way to deliver a captivating experience is by understanding what the viewer wants. By knowing this […]

Graphic Design in Your Business

Welcome back! In our last post we talked about how important graphic design in Raleigh NC for businesses who are building their brand or want to have a brand that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Today, we are going to continue talking about that, offering a few more points that will hopefully help you […]

Video Marketing Works! Part 2

Welcome back! In our last blog post we began talking about how effective video marketing is for businesses! Not only is it user friendly and fun, it’s also engaging and exciting for all users, regardless of their age! Video Production Raleigh NC Video marketing is storming the nation and it’s only getting bigger by the year. […]

Statistics and Facts About TV Commercial Advertising

Many people think that today’s TV isn’t as powerful in advertising than social media. However, that’s not quite true. There were many studies done in 2010 when the media deemed TV as “doomed” because of the Internet and social media. Below, you’ll find out how effective TV actually was, even when it was supposedly dying. […]

List of Fonts

When we think of font designs we often think websites, business cards and other business related things that go along with graphic design. While this is primarily true there are other ways to use fonts. For example, event video production in Raleigh NC uses fonts quite regularly.  How? Most videos, no matter what they’re used […]

What is Flat Design?

Raleigh Web Design Trends for 2014 Include Flat Design. Web design trends tend to come and go. In a previous post, we talked a little bit about the predictions for 2014’s web design trends. The top running trend for 2014 is flat design. Entering into the last half 2013, it seems like we are seeing […]