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Website Design Tips: B2B Mobile Landing Pages

A substantial portion of communication and media consumption today occurs on mobile devices.  Business executives, teens, and even children’s lives are inundated by mobile devices.  Despite their popularity, mobile devices still pose a challenge for many B2B web designers and online marketers. Given the pervasiveness of this technology it’s a challenge that must be addressed. […]

De-Complicate Your Raleigh Web Design in 2014!

Raleigh Web Design Trends are Moving Towards Uncomplicated Designs in 2014! 2014 seems to be ringing in new, fun, and easy to use web design trends. It’s also marking the end of a few trends that were very popular in previous years. Even in 2013 some of the Raleigh web design trends we’ve been over […]

A Further Look at Video Production Benefits for Businesses

Video Production Raleigh: Benefits that Can Grown Your Business! It seems as though almost anyone can grab a camera, shoot a video and do a few edits on YouTube. As video marketing continues to storm the internet via social media, it’s only natural for many business to try to skip hiring a quality video production […]

A Further Look at Video Statistics

Video Production in Raleigh NC Can Change Your Business in a Positive Way! TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh NC is back with a few more statistics to share with you about videos, video marketing, and how they’re beneficial for your business. If you missed our previous posts, be sure to visit back with […]

Video Production Statistics!

Video Production Raleigh: Statistics Chances are, you’re very much aware of video production in Raleigh and how much it can benefit your marketing strategy and business. You probably also know that it’s the most effective form of marketing when trying to reach a specific target audience. You’ll hopefully also agree that the world of video production […]

Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

It might seem easy and cheaper for a small business owner to create their own filers, postcards and logos, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Forging professional graphic design in Raleigh, to help with all your graphic design needs can make or break the success of your business. Why? Below, you’ll find a few […]

Script Writing For Video Production Part 2

Welcome back! We are here with more Raleigh video production tips that will help you write your script and plan for the overall shoot day! Working with a team of experts is key during this, as they have access to many different resources that can help the overall process. Below, you’ll find a few more […]

Video Production Terms to Know Part 2

We are back with Raleigh NC video production terms you can familiarize yourself with. When you work with a team to shoot your marketing video, you’ll understand what is being said with help from the following information! Raleigh NC Video Production Terms to Know! Aliasing: An undesirable distortion component that can arise in any digitally […]

Creating The Perfect Logo Part One

Are you starting a business soon and need a logo? If so, congrats! Starting your own company is exciting! Did you know that logos are one of the most important aspects of your business? It helps build your brand. Your brand is what customers recognize and expect from you. According to entrepreneur.com,  “Your logo is […]

The Advantages of a Single Page Website

Raleigh NC Web Design Team, TigerHive Creative Group Takes a Look at The Advantages of a Single Page Website Design. In a previous post we listed the 2014 trends for websites. Today we will be discussing one of those trends in greater detail. Single page or one page website designs are becoming very popular. In the past […]

Web Design Raleigh: Responsive Versus Mobile Website Design

In our last couple of posts, our web design team in Raleigh talked about a few essential things. If your business has an existing website that isn’t responsive, it’s time to consider an upgrade. It’s important to keep your online presence up to date with ever-developing technology. You owe it to your customers. These customers […]

The Power of Online Video

Video Production Raleigh NC: The Power of Video As spring temperatures finally start to set in, we are all shrugging off our winter coats and getting ready for summer! Spring is always a time of rebirth and fresh beginnings. It’s also a time to renew your sense of purpose and clarity. Just as you would […]

Taking It All In, Continued

Raleigh Video Production: Eliminate Information To Keep From Cramming Welcome back! In our last post, we began with sharing the last most commonly made mistake when making an online video. Cramming in too much information into a video can lead to viewers feeling overwhelmed and annoyed. More than likely, they’ll never even finish watching the video, […]

More Web Design Trends For 2015

2015 Raleigh Website Design Trends Welcome back! Our Raleigh website design team is here with more 2015 web design trends to look out for! 2015 will be all about ease and elegance, as Raleigh website design teams are more concerned with turning out less complicated websites. Take a look back at our previous post, before moving […]

What to Consider When Designing a Logo

According to nytime.com, “A brand is a company’s face to the world. It is the company’s name, how that name is visually expressed through a logo, and how that name and logo are extended throughout an organization’s communications. A brand is also how the company is perceived by its customers – the associations and inherent […]

Video Production Tips for Small Businesses Part 2

Have you been thinking of new ways to market your business? If so, the process of deciding what method to use can be difficult and stressful. You want to choose a strategy that works, sticks within a budget and shows results. That’s why video marketing might be just the ticket for your business! It’s a […]

Video Production Statistics for 2016

For those hoping to start a new year with new marketing tools should take time to get familiar with video production in Raleigh NC and video marketing. This is a great way to target new audiences and keep current ones entertained and informed. Below, you’ll find a few statistics and predictions that reinforce our thoughts […]

Videos Can Help Your Business Grow!

Videos are a huge part of our lives in today’s time. Everyone stops to see one on social media; we can all make home videos, right on our smartphones. Video marketing is a great way to grow your business. This type of marketing strategy is only going to bring you a bigger audience and happy customers! […]

Website Design Raleigh NC: Does My Small Business Need a Website?

Website Design Raleigh NC Topic: Do I need a website for my small business? Chances are you’ve asked yourself, “Do I need a website for my business?”. 15 years ago, the answer would have depended on the type of business you owned. Even 5 years ago the answer would depend on the situation. Today, that […]

2014 Web Design Trends, Continued.

Our Raleigh Web Designer Can Help You Update Your Current Website Design! Welcome back! In our last post, we talked about the new web design trends for 2014. It’s important for our Raleigh web designers keep up with these trends, as they make our website the best they can be. Technology is changing everyday; with […]

Audio Tips for Raleigh Video Production

Follow These Tips for Great Audio During Your Raleigh Video Production! In our last few posts, we spend a lot of time going over one of the most important parts of Raleigh video production, lighting. Without the right type of lighting, the entire video could be a total loss. If you’d like to take a […]

An Updated Look at Video Marketing Statistics

Raleigh Video Production Statistics It’s been a while since our Raleigh video production team shared video marketing statistics, so today, we are going to take an updated look at all the benefits of video marketing and video production in Raleigh NC, according to the statistics! According to Comscore 188.2 million people in the US watched […]

Add Interest to Your Marketing Video!

Video Production Raleigh NC: Adding Interest! Welcome back! In our last post we talked about boring marketing videos and how important it is to make sure it doesn’t happen to you and your business’s video! If you’re new to the world of video production in Raleigh NC, you’ve come to the right place! When TigerHive Creative […]

Graphic Design Tips

Are you considering redoing your website’s Raleigh graphic design? If so, it’s important to put a lot of thought and effort into the planning process. In addition, it’s best to work with a graphic designer to ensure that your graphic design is perfect. Below, we have a few more tips that will help you incorporate […]