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What is Graphic Design, Raleigh NC?

Different Types of Graphic Design Raleigh, NC and beyond! Graphic Design Raleigh, NC | A note from our team of experts. Welcome back! In a previous post, we discussed what graphic design is. We also began discussing the different types of graphic design and how important they are. Today, we will continue our conversation on […]

A Final Look at Sustainable Web Design

Welcome back! Today we will take a final look at how to achieve a sustainable web design in Raleigh that helps lessen the carbon footprint of the Internet. If you have any questions, or missed our first couple of posts, contact our web designers at TigerHive Creative Group or visit our posts here and here. Web […]

Lighting Tips For Raleigh Video Production

Lighting Tips to Help with Your Raleigh Video Production: When it comes to Raleigh video production and filming a marketing video to help tell the story of your business, as well as gain new customers, it’s important to really focus on the importance of lighting. Though we’ve talked about lighting in previous posts, today our […]

UpCity Lists Top Web Designers in Raleigh NC

Top Web Designers in Raleigh NC: Upcity.com is known for highlighting the best web designers in a new city every single week. Recently, the website targeted web designers in Raleigh NC, and compiled a list of both small and medium sized web designers. According to upcity.com, they’ve selected the best web designers in Raleigh NC […]

Final Tips For Beginners

Raleigh Video Production Tips for Beginners! Hello! Our Raleigh video production experts are back with a few more tips on how to shoot your own marketing video. As we’ve stated in a few previous posts, making your own quality video can be difficult without all the right equipment. Sometimes, it’s best left to the professionals. […]

Raleigh Graphic Design Tips For Typography

Typography Tips | Raleigh Graphic Design Though we don’t give it much thought, typography is one of the most important aspects of a website.Most of the time, viewers take it for granted; until they can’t read it. Without legible, easy to read typography, websites would be useless. Yes, you can communicate your message to users […]

Types of Animation

Welcome back! In our previous post, we began talking about animation and how popular it has become in the last year. Our graphic design in Raleigh NC has been greatly enhanced by animation and we are excited to see how things progress in the future! Today, we are going to learn more about the three […]

TV Commercial Shoot Tips

Are you interested in TV commercial production in Raleigh NC? If so, our professional team is here to help. Below, you’ll find several tips that will help you come up with your commercial concept from beginning to end! Tell a Story | TV Commercial Production Raleigh NC Most commercials are ads that act as a […]

The Importance of Professional Imagery

Imagery | Raleigh Graphic Design Appearance is everything. Even if we don’t want to believe it; it’s true. As humans, we thrive on visuals and it has a large impact on our success in the business world, as well. Images go beyond words. They offer a broader understanding of people, places, businesses, and more. First […]

What are B2B Websites? Website Design Ideas for B2Bs.

A business-to-business website, often called a B2B website, is a site that is designed for the sole purpose of selling products and services to businesses. B2B websites are not for retail consumers. So how exactly do I design a B2B site? For website design ideas, follow on.  This message is brought to you by TigerHive […]

Web Design Trends to Consider Removing From Your Website in 2014

Raleigh Website Design Trends Are Ever Changing. Trust TigerHive Creative Group to Keep Your Website Up-to-date! Web design trends are always coming and going. As technology grows, so does knowledge about web design and graphic design. With that comes web design trends! In our last post we took a look at a few things that aren’t […]

Video Production Will Benefit the Growth of Your Business

Raleigh Video Production Will Grow and Benefit Your Business! By now you have had time to see the different types of Raleigh video production and how well they work for businesses and marketing. We use video to keep our video production clients at the focus of their industries and to help them grow. But you […]

Video Statistics and What They Mean to You

Video Production in Raleigh Can Be Beneficial For Your Business! Welcome back. In our last post, TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh began discussing video marketing statistics and what they mean to those that can benefit from them. Today, we are going to continue listing more statistics. Statistics | Video Production Raleigh 65% of video […]

Grabbing the Attention of Viewers

Raleigh Video Production | Getting Right to the Point Video length matters when it comes to marketing on the web. Our Raleigh video production team has been discussing various ways to make sure you grab the attention of your viewer as quickly as possible. Take a look back at a few of those blog posts here: Enhancing Quality, Raleigh […]

Video Marketing For Your Business

Have you been thinking of adding video marketing to your current marketing strategy? If so, now’s a great time to do so. In early 2013 videos started climbing the popularity chain and now, in 2015, are the most popular past time for those that spend time on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Incorporating videos […]

Script Writing For Video Production Part 1

Writing a Script | Video Production in Raleigh NC Are you thinking of having a video produced to help market your product or services? If so, welcome to the new world of marketing! This strategy is going to be great for your business! When you create an online video you have to understand that viewers […]

Video Production Terms to Know Part 1

Welcome back! We are here today to talk more about Raleigh video production terms so that you can get familiar with the lingo that might be used while working with TigerHive Creative Group to make your next marketing video! Raleigh Video Production Terms Zoom shot – makes the subject larger or smaller within the frame […]

Creating The Perfect Logo Part Two

Welcome back! Today we are going to continue talking about creating the perfect log and how that can be accomplished! If you missed our previous blog, visit back with it as well. Our Raleigh graphic design team has a great deal of info there, too. Working with a Raleigh Graphic Design Team You might be […]

Parallax Scrolling, Continued

Raleigh graphic designers discuss the importance of parallax scrolling! Welcome back! In a previous post, we began discussing the increasingly popular web design trend, parallax scrolling. Today, we will continue our discussion with the graphic design aspect of this particular web design technique. Though it is a type of web design, parallax scrolling works well […]

Why Consider Making the Switch to Responsive?

Raleigh Web Designers are Going Responsive! Our Raleigh web designers have said this several times in past posts, but we feel it bears repeating once more. The popularity of handheld devices is seemingly at its highest, but somehow, continues to gain more popularity with each passing month. More and more people are using smartphones and […]

Reusing Your Business Videos!

Video Production Raleigh NC: Ways to Reuse Your Marketing Videos! Our Raleigh video production in Raleigh NC has been working for years creating video content for a variety of businesses. In all of that time, we’ve noticed a commonly reoccurring question: Can my video be used for something other than its original purpose? For example, […]

Taking It All In

Raleigh NC Video Production: Taking It All In Raleigh NC video production starts with a good script. A story that sells your product or service in a way that not only tells a story, but creates a problem within that story, answers the problem, and talks about the benefits of the solution of the problem! […]

2015 Web Design Trends

2015 Raleigh Web Design Trends With 2014 coming to an end in just two months, it’s time to take a look at 2015 Raleigh web design trends! While nothing’s ever completely written in stone, it is obvious what trends are working, popular, and will continue to grow in popularity throughout the coming year. Some of […]

Choosing the Right Animation Studio

Having an awesome video for your company can only happen when you choose the right video production studio. In addition, you’ll want to use one that also works with animation. As a reflection of your brand, the video will offer a personality to your business. It’ll also help with first impressions and help with new […]