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To Schedule, Or Not to Schedule: Social Media Posts

Welcome back! In a previous post, we went over the importance of scheduling certain social media posts, in a effort to cut down on time spent in the social media world. Today, we will discuss which posts are better left unscheduled. Posting in real time is essential in customer relationship building. These posts are also the ones that […]

Mistakes to Avoid During Corporate Video Production

Raleigh Video Production: Avoid these mistakes when making a video for your business! Producing a company video is a marketing must for 2014. Videos are engaging and they target your audience. It’s a great way to get your message across while incorporating your brand and making your business appealing to consumers. Though Raleigh video production is […]

Audio Tips

Video Production Raleigh: Audio Tips As we’ve said numerous times before, video production in Raleigh and the use of videos for marketing purposes is huge. This powerful marketing tool is something that every business owner should consider. Honestly though, many business owners never think of using a video to market their business. Videos are the new-age way of growing […]

More Marketing Video Ideas!

Video Production Raleigh NC: Video Marketing Ideas! Welcome back! Are you ready for more ideas to help your video production in Raleigh NC? Below, you’ll find a couple more ideas that will help you create new content for your marketing videos! Expert Q&As. Your video content doesn’t always need to come from just you. Try […]

Improving Marketing Videos, Continued.

Improve Raleigh Video Production! Hello! Glad you’re back! We are here to talk more about Raleigh video production and how to improve your marketing videos to better suit your target audience! If you missed our last post, be sure to take a look back before moving on! Interesting Messages Video marketing should be a way to add creative interest […]

More Graphic Design Rules

Welcome back! Our expert in graphic design in Raleigh NC is back with more tips for simple graphic design! Use Frames | Graphic Design in Raleigh NC As a key part of graphic design in Raleigh NC, images are a great way to add a professional look to your website. To ensure that each image […]

Video Production Can Increase Sales!

Did you know that by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco? That’s right; video-on-demand traffic, alone, will have almost tripled by 2017. Rapid growth is already beginning in the world of video and  soon, it will be taking over! For business owners, this means that videos marketing can […]

More Raleigh Video Production Terms

More Raleigh Video Production Terms! Frame Rate: The frequency at which film or video frames run. For example, film is shot at 24 frames per second. Fade: An optical effect in which the image of a scene is gradually replaced by a uniform dark area or vice versa. Dissolve: A transition between two scenes where […]

Most Popular Font Names

Are you interested in updating your graphic design in Raleigh? Need a new font to go with your new logo design? If so, it’s good to start taking a look at a few popular, unique and personalized fonts to get an idea of what you might like to see incorporated into your design. Fonts | […]

Parallax Scrolling

Raleigh web designers | Parallax Scrolling Parallax scrolling is a web design technique that has proven to be among the most popular design techniques in the past two years. It is also expected that parallax scrolling will be a must have web design trend in 2014. You might be wondering, what makes this type of […]

Tips for Making a Quality Marketing Video

Raleigh Video Production: Tips for Filming Your Marketing Video! Marketing videos are an effective way to promote your business and brand and to offer instructions to your customers. With the explosion of mobile electronics in this digital era, capturing a quality video to share with the world is as easy as contacting a Raleigh video […]

Customers Love Video!

Wow Your Customers with Quality Video Production in Raleigh NC! Are you having trouble convincing your business partner, boss, or marketing team that online video marketing is worth your time and money? Do you need a little convincing, yourself? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our Raleigh video production team is here to […]

Mistakes That Drive Video Viewers Away

Video Production Raleigh: Mistakes That Drive Video Viewers Away It seems like the world is crazy over watching online videos. In a perfect world, they watch the entire video, beginning to end, and then share it for others to see. For the most part, that’s true. There are however, a few shocking statistics that prove […]

Web Design Mistakes

Raleigh Web Design Mistakes Business Owners Make As our Raleigh web design experts know, not every business has a massive budget to work with when dealing with their website. However, businesses that get into the mindset that they can’t afford a good website have a problem. In today’s time, having a creative, eye-catching Raleigh web […]

Tips For Hiring a Video Production Team

Video production in Raleigh NC is becoming a very popular marketing technique that many business are now using to reach more customers than ever. We’ve been reporting on video production and how important it is for a while now, and though we still believe it to be true, it’s also important to take some time […]

Top Graphic Design Trends of 2015

We are back with the top trends for graphic design in Raleigh NC! Below, you’ll find the most popular trends of 2015. They’re also going to be big in 2016, as well! Top Trends | Graphic Design Raleigh NC Digital Surrealism Blurring physical and virtual images is a new movement made popular last year. This […]

Common Graphic Design Terms to Know, Continued

Ready to learn more terms to help you get familiar with graphic design in Raleigh NC? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we have even more words and definitions for you to learn! Terms | Graphic Design in Raleigh NC Focal Point – In graphic design terms, the focal point is where […]

Graphic Designer Skills

List of Skills for Raleigh Graphic Design Written Communications Writing Working Independently Working Collaboratively Visual Problem Solving Visual Communications Vision Verbal Communications Usability Typography Time Management Teamwork Strategic Thinking Storyboard Creation Spacing Sketching Sales QuarkXpress Proofreading Project Management Production Prioritizing Printing Presentation PowerPoint Planning Photoshop Photography Perceptive about Client Needs Patience with Customers/Staff Organizational Networking […]

Do you need a Raleigh graphic design expert?

What is Graphic Design? | Notes from our Raleigh graphic design team. Have you ever needed to announce, or sell something; charm or influence someone? Have you ever had to explain a complex method, or exhibit a development? If you have a message you want to communicate, how do you “send” it? Verbal communication is […]

The Importance of a Logo

Graphic Designer Raleigh: A unique logo is essential when building your business’s brand. Capturing the essence of your business via a logo is one of the most important parts of building your business reputation. It’s essential to have a graphic design logo that sets your business apart from all others in competition. Logos are a […]

Trade Show Video Production Tips, Continued.

Trade Show Video Tips for Raleigh NC Video Production! Hello! Our Raleigh NC video production team is back with more information on trade show video production and how it differs from regular marketing video production. As we disclosed in our last post, trade show videos are very different from the web videos you find on a […]

The Advantages of a Single Page Website

Raleigh NC Web Design Team, TigerHive Creative Group Takes a Look at The Advantages of a Single Page Website Design. In a previous post we listed the 2014 trends for websites. Today we will be discussing one of those trends in greater detail. Single page or one page website designs are becoming very popular. In the past […]

Interview Video Tips

Video Production Raleigh NC: Interview Marketing Video Tips for Beginners! Have you ever thought about making a video that actually features an interview with a customer of yours? What about interviewing an employee or someone interviewing you, the business owner, about your business? While it’s all too common to see the interviewee talking into the […]

Videography Tips for the Holidays!

Tips For The Holidays | Video Production Raleigh With the holidays coming up, those that own a camcorder will be videoing school plays, Christmas programs, and other holiday events. With that in mind, TigerHive Creative Group, video production in Raleigh, has taken some time to put together a few tips and checklists that will help […]