“Immanuel – God With Us” – Green Screen Video Production

Good Hope Baptist Church, Cary NC | Video Production Powerful chroma-key style video featuring true examples of how God has proven is love, faithfulness and sovereignty over the years. Filmed on location at Good Hope Baptist Church by TigerHive Creative Group of Raleigh, NC. Featuring the song “Immanuel” written by Eddie Hoagland and recorded by […]

10 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics and What They Mean to You

10 Raleigh Video Production Statistics The popularity of Raleigh video production and video marketing content continues to grow. Now, it’s more important than ever to consider incorporating an appealing video marketing strategy to take advantage of the power of the video phenomenon. In a recent report, Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014, Invodo highlights video […]

10 Responsive Website Design Tips for Your Project

We’ve talked previously about the importance of responsive web designs. Responsive web design (RWD) allows a website to provide an optimal viewing experience on a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors, to iPads to Android/iOS smartphones. If you are thinking about building a responsive website, here 10 things you need to know: Responsive […]

2012 Political Ad Designs

In early 2012 TigerHive Creative Group was asked to design several campaign advertisements to be used in local newspapers in Ohio. The focus of these ads was to promote the use of local natural gas reserves as a source of sustainable energy and the creation of new jobs for Ohio. TigerHive Creative Group was also […]

2013 Web Development Trends | Raleigh Website Design

Welcome back! In previous post, we discussed 2013 web design trends. We also talked about how valuable keeping up with these trends can be for your business’s website. Allowing TigerHive Creative Group to help you with your Raleigh website design project ensures you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest trends in web technology. Today we will […]

2014 Graphic Design Trends

Our Raleigh Graphic Design Team Presents 2014 Graphic Design Trends: In a few previous posts, we talked a lot about 2014 web design trends, as well as web design trends that are losing popularity quickly. Today, we are going to focus our thoughts on typography graphic design trends and how important it is to keep […]

2014 Raleigh Chamber Business Expo

Please join TigerHive Creative Group at the 2014 Raleigh Chamber Business Expo Where: NC State Fairgrounds – Jim Graham Building When: Thursday, May 1, 2014 from 9:30am to 4pm We welcome you to meet our team, see samples of our most recent work and network with some of Raleigh’s finest businesses. We will have a […]

2014 Web Design Trends

Graphic Designer Raleigh NC: Which web design trends will carry through from 2013?! As the end of 2013 draws near, it’s time for our graphic designer in Raleigh NC to start focusing on web design trends for 2014. In a previous post, we talked in detail about all the 2013 web design trends. If you’d like, […]

2014 Web Design Trends, Continued.

Our Raleigh Web Designer Can Help You Update Your Current Website Design! Welcome back! In our last post, we talked about the new web design trends for 2014. It’s important for our Raleigh web designers keep up with these trends, as they make our website the best they can be. Technology is changing everyday; with […]

2014 Website Trends: A Final Look!

A final look at Raleigh website trends for 2014! It’s time to take a final look at the last few Raleigh web design trends for 2014. We’ve learned about quite a few different trends over the past few posts, and it’s probably getting to be a bit confusing.  Below, you’ll find a quick recap list, […]

2015 Video Marketing Trends, Continued.

Raleigh Video Production Trends for 2015! Welcome back! Our Raleigh video production team is here with a further look at 2015 video marketing trends that will help boost your sales and grow your business to new levels! If you missed the first part of our four part blog series, be sure to visit back with […]

2015 Web Design Trends

2015 Raleigh Web Design Trends With 2014 coming to an end in just two months, it’s time to take a look at 2015 Raleigh web design trends! While nothing’s ever completely written in stone, it is obvious what trends are working, popular, and will continue to grow in popularity throughout the coming year. Some of […]

2015 Web Design Trends

Web design in Raleigh will become more elegant and less complicated in 2015. The trends that are gaining popularity are ones that have been climbing the trend ladder for a couple of years now. Below, you’ll find a few designs that you might want to consider incorporating into your current online presence. Web Design Raleigh: […]

40 Things a Graphic Designer Can Do For Your Business

Are you hoping to open a new business or expand your current one in 2016? If so, one of the first steps is building a brand. This includes storefront, logo, website and more. In order to ensure you make the most of your brand identity, working with a Raleigh graphic design team is key. They […]

A Commonly Made Video Production Mistake

Video Production Raleigh NC: A Commonly Made Mistake Welcome back! In our last post we began talking about video production in Raleigh NC and how there are a few mistakes that can actually drive viewers away. Based on the statistics below, we decided to share the mistakes, so that your online video will be eye-catching, […]

A Few Final Video Production Tips

Video Production Raleigh: Final Tips for Quality Videos! Welcome back! In our final post of this series, we continue to offer quality tips for video production in Raleigh.  Following these tips almost guarantees that your marketing videos will be significantly improved, gain more viewers on your website and social media accounts, as well as grow […]

A Few Final Video Statistics to Consider

Video Production Raleigh: Final Statistics to Consider We are back with a few final statistics for you to consider when thinking about video production in Raleigh. Our hope is to bring to light to a rapidly growing marketing tool that will help your business grow and succeed at new levels. According to Retail Touchpoints: The […]

A Final Look at Sustainable Web Design

Welcome back! Today we will take a final look at how to achieve a sustainable web design in Raleigh that helps lessen the carbon footprint of the Internet. If you have any questions, or missed our first couple of posts, contact our web designers at TigerHive Creative Group or visit our posts here and here. Web […]

A Final Mistake to Avoid During Video Production

Raleigh Video Production: Mistakes to Avoid During Production Hello! In a few previous posts, we’ve been talking about mistakes that should be avoided during Raleigh video productions; especially when you’re using a video to tell your business’s story. In today’s post, we will continue with one final mistake that should never be made while you’re […]

A Further Look at Video Production Benefits for Businesses

Video Production Raleigh: Benefits that Can Grown Your Business! It seems as though almost anyone can grab a camera, shoot a video and do a few edits on YouTube. As video marketing continues to storm the internet via social media, it’s only natural for many business to try to skip hiring a quality video production […]