2014 Web Design Trends, Continued.

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Welcome back! In our last post, we talked about the new web design trends for 2014. It’s important for our Raleigh web designers keep up with these trends, as they make our website the best they can be. Technology is changing everyday; with it, web design is, as well. It’s a good idea to take a look back at 2013’s web design trends, to see which trends are continuing forward, and which ones are fading away.

If you have any questions about the type of website you have, after reading about the upcoming trends, or are thinking about updating your web design to something more current and user friendly, please feel free to contact TigerHive Creative Group!

Raleigh Web Designers | 2014 Web Design Trends

Category 3 – Visual

Parallax: We talked about parallax design in a previous post. To read more on this, visit our previous post.

Flat Design: Also a trend of 2013, flat design focuses on clean design and proper use of color. The new apple iOS is a great example of flat design. To read more, visit this post.

Blocking: According to lunaweb.com, “Blocks of content – think Pinterest. I think it works great on sites like Pinterest or Flickr, where there’s a ton of content and the content is all on equal footing. On library websites like New York Public Library’s main page, not so much. I’d guess their content is NOT equal in terms of importance, and the bottom of the page looks like an afterthought, like they forgot to finish the website.”

Big Images: Use of large images on websites is a trend that started in 2013. Large background images are becoming more popular as well. We will see this trend continue into 2014. Colors: Using color within your web design is important. Subtle and calm colors, retro colors, and even neon colors are going to trend in 2014.

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