2014 Web Design Trends

Graphic Designer Raleigh NC: Which web design trends will carry through from 2013?!

As the end of 2013 draws near, it’s time for our graphic designer in Raleigh NC to start focusing on web design trends for 2014. In a previous post, we talked in detail about all the 2013 web design trends. If you’d like, compare these two trend lists and see what’s different! This post, we’ve actually broken the list down into categories, as well as which web design trends are most popular. The first category, as well as the most popular trend is all about mobile design.

Category 1 – Mobile

Mobile-first design: Start designing on the small screen, then widen out to tablets and desktops. If you can’t do it on a mobile device, you probably don’t need it on your “big” website either.

Responsive: Use a responsive or adaptive design and your website will work perfectly on all screen sizes.

Category 2 – Design

Simplicity: Many web designs are going for a more minimalistic, simplified look. Make sure the design doesn’t get in the way of, or overpower, your great content.

White Space: This design concept goes along with simplicity. White space can help emphasize content. Use it just like they do in magazines.

No Flash: Websites are still working on moving away from Flash and towards more modern design languages like HTML5 and CSS3.

Graphic Designer Raleigh NC | 2014 Web Design Trends

Web design trends are important to keep up with. Not only are they popular within World Wide Web, they’re also very useful and innovative. It’s essential to keep up with the trends to make sure your website is functioning to the best of it’s ability. You want your website to be user friendly and easy to read. These trends ensure that web designs are as good as they can be.

If you’re interested in talking with TigerHive Creative Group about a new website for your business, or you’d like to do a few updates to your current website, please contact our graphic designer in Raleigh NC. We’d be happy to get you up-to-date and ready to wow your customers with a beautiful web design, new graphic design logo, or web video! All these things, and more, will draw in new customers, as well as, give current customers something to rave about to their friends and family!

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