A Final Look at Sustainable Web Design

Welcome back! Today we will take a final look at how to achieve a sustainable web design in Raleigh that helps lessen the carbon footprint of the Internet. If you have any questions, or missed our first couple of posts, contact our web designers at TigerHive Creative Group or visit our posts here and here.

Web Design Raleigh: Sustainable web design is important for our environment.

Offsetting the rest: According to alistapart, “Even after applying a lean design, optimizing, and moving to a green web host, your site will still have a carbon footprint. To account for that, you can buy an offset, which typically costs $19 per ton, depending on the project. Offsetting doesn’t actually take the CO2 out of the atmosphere, and it is a poor substitute for reducing emissions. However, many programs have additional benefits, such as funding education in the developing world or protecting fragile habitats.”

Web Design Raleigh | A Sustainable Web Design

With an increasing online economy, there will soon be upwards of five billon new users on the Internet. It’s important to worry about the world’s climate pollution growing. Building lean and clean websites can help. Eco-friendly choices don’t have to be labeled as sacrifices. It is possible to have a functioning greener Earth with little to no “sacrifice.”

To get started with a greener, sustainable web design in Raleigh, that’s great for the environment, contact TigerHive Creative Group. Our expert web designers can help you create a website that’s Eco-friendly and easy for viewers to use!

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