A Final Mistake to Avoid During Video Production

Raleigh Video Production: Mistakes to Avoid During Production

Hello! In a few previous posts, we’ve been talking about mistakes that should be avoided during Raleigh video productions; especially when you’re using a video to tell your business’s story. In today’s post, we will continue with one final mistake that should never be made while you’re making a video. Unfortunately, this mistake is made all too often, because most business owners don’t realize how important it is to incorporate professional voice overs.

Raleigh Video Production | Use a Professional Voice Over For Your Business’s Video!

Using voice over that is read by a professional is a great way to ensure that your Raleigh video production works well. Yes, voice overs can be a bit pricey. They could cause you to go over your budget. BUT,  the expense can be worth it if the voice over is the one thing that makes your video popular. A voiceover can make or break your video.

Voice over professionals are trained to use their voice to sell. They know where to accentuate certain words; where to soften the mood or induce emotions. They know how to evoke trust through voice only. In addition, they’re trained to speak in a crisp, clear voice, with equipment that is designed specifically for voice overs.

Using a computer mic or other recording device to record the voice over on your own might result in a muffled, static sounding video. That’s something that no one wants to listen to when they’re trying to learn more about a particular business and what it has to offer.

According to blog.visual.ly.com, “The most commonly used and most effective type of voice over is warm and conversational, but professional at the same time. The ideal balance is making your viewers feel comfortable listening, while sounding credible and reliable.”

Hiring a voice over professional can be a little nerve wracking. You’re putting the fate of the popularity of your business’s advertisement video in the hands of someone you don’t know. To ease your worries, remember: you still have the last vote in the overall video production process. If you don’t like the voice over, for any reason at all, talk with them about what changes you would like to see.

Even better, have the voice over professional submit a few recordings after you’ve given them the direction you’d like them to have. Direct them in person and then have them record the changes. That way, you can hear both ways and decide which you prefer!

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