What is Flat Design?

Raleigh Web Design: What is Flat Design?

Recently, many websites and mobile apps have gotten somewhat of a facelift. You’ve probably noticed their new look, and might even prefer their clean lines, 2-D styles, and flat images. The new layout is simpler and easier to read. The new look is actually part of a growing design trend known as flat design. In the past, our Raleigh web design team has talked a bit about flat design (here and here) but we feel it’s time to revisit the growing trend, and really get down to the basics of what it is.

What Is Flat Design?

According to uberflip.com, “Flat design is becoming increasingly pervasive. You’ve probably seen and interacted with numerous examples of flat design on your phone and online, even if you didn’t realize it at the time. Flat design is a growing trend being adopted by big companies and small firms alike.”

What Defines Flat Design?

Simple icons, clean lines, bright colors, and two-dimensional shapes are common elements of a flat design. The concept is defined by these elements. Flat design is a nice change from the 3-D, raised images of the recent past.

Why Use Flat Design?

The experience of the user is a number one concern of most companies that have websites. With flat design, you’re ensuring that the user will have an easy experience navigating your website. Without the business of 3-D images and dark shadows, websites look straight-lined and easy to follow.

Why Care About Flat Design?

According to uberflip.com, “Flat design is a philosophy about user experience as much as it is about visual aesthetics. The top benefits that flat design brings to the user experience include:

• Minimalist interfaces with reduced clutter

• Clearer goals for user interaction

• An increased emphasis on functionality over aesthetics

• Easier to maneuver and understand as a first time user

Design is as important as content when it comes to developing a new website, app, or mobile product. The popularity of flat design will continue to grow because it strips away unnecessary parts of an interface and simplifies the user experience.”

To take a further look at flat design and its importance in Raleigh web design, visit back with us on our next post. We will continue the discussion on flat design and note how exceptional it is, as well as, take a look at a few websites and companies that have begun using flat design.

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