More Mistakes to Avoid During Raleigh NC Video Production

Raleigh NC Video Production: Avoid These Mistakes!

Incorporating a video into your current website, or having one produced to help your marketing efforts is essential for 2014. In a previous post, we talked in great detail about the benefits of using video to gain web viewers and consumers.

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Today, we are going to talk about commonly made mistakes when producing a video for marketing your business.

Keep it as short as possible.   On a good day, most people’s attention span for online videos is about 90 seconds. That means 60-70 seconds is preferred. According to, “A thought-out and well paced visual-story balance can get all of your points across in that time or less. Well rounded is better than longer. Resist the temptation to keep extending the running time, and instead try refocusing on boiling down the main elements that you want in your video. Take a look at the video below: it walks us through decades of history – in just 80 seconds.”

Loud, overwhelming music is a distraction. While it’s been proven that accent music is an asset to videos, it’s important that the tunes used aren’t too loud or too overwhelming. If the music takes the viewer’s attention away from the actual video and story, it’s not helpful. Music should only enhance the emotional beat that drives the story.

Animation should never bee too fast. Action should be memorable. If it runs across the screen at too fast a pace, it’s hard for the viewer to get excited about it. Animation should flow naturally with the voice of the video; never any faster than that.

Goals for the video should be clear. Scripts should flow well and explain what the company has to offer. Though it seems obvious that this should be the goal, oftentimes, videos don’t have a clear, defined intention. Also according to, ” You want to engage your audience right off the bat, take them on a little journey that shows the richness of your products and services and leaves them wanting more. If you follow our advice and avoid the steps we outlined above, your video will do just that.”

As important as videos have become to a company’s success, it’s a good idea to contact our professional Raleigh NC video production team for help producing a marketing video for your business. If you’d like to speak with one of our experts, feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have!

In our next post, we will offer one final mistake to avoid that will help your marketing video become the best in the industry!

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