Audio Tips for Raleigh Video Production

Follow These Tips for Great Audio During Your Raleigh Video Production!

In our last few posts, we spend a lot of time going over one of the most important parts of Raleigh video production, lighting. Without the right type of lighting, the entire video could be a total loss. If you’d like to take a look back at those tips, visit back with our lighting tips.

Today’s post is going to focus on another important aspect of Raleigh video production. Whether you are filming your business’s marketing video on your own, or have hired a professional video production team, the audio of the video must be perfect. In the past, our Raleigh video production team has offered quite a few video production tips, but never any that are totally dedicated to audio tips. We hope these tips help you achieve the best marketing video possible for your business!

The mic makes a difference: The right microphone position is key. Where you place it can make all the difference in the world. Though mics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each one should have a unique strength that allows them to capture the audio in any given situation. If they don’t, you know the technology isn’t up-to-date or quality.

In addition, most cameras come with a mic installed. Our Raleigh video production team advises against using that mic alone. Especially if you plan to have your subject set up further than a foot away from the camera. One auxiliary microphone attached to your camera can make a world of difference!

If you’re planning to do all video filming on your own, it’s highly suggested that you invest in a wireless mic. These allow your subject to move freely without distorting the sound. Though they can be a bit pricey, you’ll be grateful for the purchase, once your video production is finished and you have a fantastic marketing video that looks and sounds professional!

If you’re unsure of how your audio will turn out and would like to talk with our professional Raleigh video production team, feel free to contact TigerHive Creative Group. Also, be sure to check back with us soon, as we will offer many more great audio tips for the production of your marketing video!

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