More Audio Tips for Video Shoots!

Raleigh NC Video Production: Audio Tips for a Marketing Video!

In our last post, we began discussing Raleigh NC video production, and audio, and how important it is to achieve great sound for your marketing video. We offered a few tips on microphones and today, we are going to give you a quick list of great mics you might consider investing in. For a detailed look at each of these mics, stay tuned!

  • Shotgun – Likely the most versatile all around tool to add to your setup, however they’re not suited for very loud environments.
  • Handheld – These are the standard for on-the-go interviews.
  • Boundary/PZM – These inconspicuous mics can be placed on a wall, table, podium- anywhere you need wide coverage.
  • Stereo Microphones – With the proper gain adjustment, these mics can capture natural sounding musical performances and ambiances both loud and quiet.
  • Wired Lavalier – For the most direct pickup of an individual person, a lavalier is often times the best way to go.

The Rode NTG3 shotgun, the Sony UWP-V1 wireless, and the Audio Technica AT825 stereo microphone are all great options.

In addition to using a detached, quality mic to achieve an excellent sound for your video, you should also consider the location of your video shoot. Certain environments can really affect sound quality without proper control. Some rooms, outdoor areas, and other spots are just not conducive to great sound.

According to, “Remember to always scope out your shooting locations in advance when possible. Try to bring the camera and microphone that you’ll be shooting with and a good pair of headphones to identify problem noise sources. What you hear through the microphone is often very different than what you can hear with just your ears. That air conditioner noise that you have subconsciously blocked out may seem much louder when listening through your headphones.”

Our Raleigh NC video production team has many more great tips to help you attain the best sound quality possible for your marketing video. It’s important to remember that audio should be a top priority when filming. Be sure to check back with us soon for more audio tips!

If you’d like to talk further about Raleigh NC video production, be sure to contact our professionals at TigerHive Creative Group. We offer the #1 video production team in Raleigh NC and guarantee that we will film and produce a video that is sure to gain customers and viewers!

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