Raleigh Video Production: Lighting Tips

Raleigh Video Production Starts With Quality Lighting!

Welcome back! In our last post, our Raleigh video production team began revealing tips to help you achieve the best lighting possible for your video shoot. Today, we will continue offering those tips! If you do choose to use non-natural lighting for your Raleigh video production, make sure the lights you purchase or use are halogen or fluorescent lights.

Typical incandescent bulbs tend to create yellow lighting; especially if they are on dimmers or are older bulbs. They just don’t provide the most optimal lighting. Halogen and fluorescent lights offer a fuller, brighter light, with a soft white glow. They are the most optimal and provide great lighting for video production.

Below, you’ll find a few key tips that will help ensure that lighting is quality during Raleigh video production:

Fill all shadows with light to create depth and interest: Use all the light it takes to fully illuminate your subject with diffused lights. Point the lighting at the wall and never directly at the subject. Avoid too much back light to reduce shadowy silhouettes.

Use 3 point lighting: a key light, filler light and back light will help balance light and shadows. To learn more about 3 point lighting, be sure to stay tuned for more information!

Manually white balance your camera: Most camcorders have an “auto-white balance” feature. Even though this feature comes in handy, it doesn’t always work accurately. Adjusting it manually can help achieve the best color display, which is what the white balance actually is. Its works to accurately display all the colors involved in your video shoot. Without white balance, the lighting in your video might appear to be yellow/orange, blue or green.

To learn more about Raleigh video production lighting, be sure to check back with us soon! We have a few more tips to share with you to ensure that your marketing video turns out professionally!

In the meantime, contact TigerHive Creative Group with any question you may have about Raleigh video production!

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