Lighting Tips For Raleigh Video Production

Lighting Tips to Help with Your Raleigh Video Production:

When it comes to Raleigh video production and filming a marketing video to help tell the story of your business, as well as gain new customers, it’s important to really focus on the importance of lighting. Though we’ve talked about lighting in previous posts, today our Raleigh video production team is going to disclose a few tips that help them with lighting and the quality videos that we make.

Though there are many sources of light available to use, they aren’t all cut out for video filming. Some lighting is too bright, causing a washed out effect and some lighting can be too dim, causing the video to appear grainy or out of focus. Choosing the correct lighting is challenging but essential.

Our first lighting option is free and easily available during the day. Sunlight is the best option when you don’t have access to purchased lighting. You can shoot outside, in front of a window, or in a sunroom. Using natural light will always work, as long as the sun is out and shining bright!

Another option that’s affordable is clip lighting. You can almost always find clip lights at your local hardware store or photography shop.

There are several important aspects to avoid when dealing with lighting for your marketing video filming. Over the next couple of posts, our Raleigh video production team will go over each tips used to help us achieve the most optimal video possible! Be sure to check back with us next post!

In the meantime, feel free to contact our Raleigh video production team, at TigerHive Creative Group, with any questions you may have about the video production process.

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