Lighting Tips for Video Production

Video Production Raleigh: Correct Lighting is Key for Video Filming!

Welcome back! In our last post, we talked a lot about video production Raleigh, as well as, about the importance of a quality marketing video for your business. In addition, we began offering tips on how to avoid commonly made mistakes while making your own video. While we recommend that you get help filming your video from a professional video production team, we do understand the creative fun that goes along with making your own! Below, you’ll find another great tip to help you make the best video for your business!

Lighting is key.  Lighting not only sets the mood for the entire video, but it also helps focus attention on your video’s subject. Really good lighting is somewhat hard to obtain, without a talented lighting director and quality equipment. Obtaining the right light has become an art in the video production world. There are a few simple steps that you can do on your own, to greatly improve your lighting on your own filming set.

Always set lights up in front of your subject. Setting lights up behind the subject can darken the entire video, as it overwhelms the lens of the camera. To further improve your lighting, place a transparent sheet over a window and have the subject face the window. The sheet causes a diffused light look, which almost always softens the subject. In addition, you can use a reflective piece of white cardboard to help bounce the light onto your subject. It also helps eliminate any shadows in and around the room.

If you feel like background needs a bit of light to help add depth, add a lamp. It will lighten the background and eliminate any heavy shadows behind the subject.

Video production in Raleigh is gaining popularity quickly, and our video production team is really excited to share our tips with you, in hopes that you will take advantage of using a marketing video to further your business’s growth and success. If you’d like to talk with our professional Raleigh video production experts about having a video made, be sure to contact TigerHive Creative Group to set up a consultation!

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