Tips for Making a Quality Marketing Video

Raleigh Video Production: Tips for Filming Your Marketing Video!

Marketing videos are an effective way to promote your business and brand and to offer instructions to your customers. With the explosion of mobile electronics in this digital era, capturing a quality video to share with the world is as easy as contacting a Raleigh video production team. Of course, you could shoot a video on your own, but the importance of using the right equipment for your video is imperative. High quality marketing videos are proven to have a larger impact on viewers. In addition, there are easy mistakes that can be made when creating a video for your business, without even realizing you’re making them.

To help out, our Raleigh video production team has a few tips that will help you steer clear of mistakes, should you decide to make your own marketing video. Over the next several posts, our video production experts will go over the following:

  • Capturing sound efficiently
  • The importance of lighting
  • Framing your subject
  • How to minimize movement when videoing
  • Finding the perfect background for your video

Today, we will start with how to capture sound efficiently. Without quality sound, your viewers might get discouraged, because they aren’t able to hear what is being said about your product or service. Use the tips below to ensure that your marketing video has the best quality sound possible.

Capture sound efficiently. Though almost all cameras come with a microphone that captures sound, it’s not always quality audio, even when the subject is standing extremely close to the camera. If you’re choosing to shoot your subject from further away, the sound is close to inaudible, or worse, they’ll sound like they’re sitting in a tin room!

It’s important to use an additional wired mic that can be plugged into your video camera. For an even better sound experience, use headphones to help you hear what you are recording. The headphones can help you capture a clearer, more professional sound.

With sound quality being the number one concern when producing a video, it’s important to consider a professional Raleigh video production team. Our experts at TigerHive Creative Group can help you produce a quality video for marketing your business or product that will help you capture the attention of anyone that views it. Contact us today, to talk about your marketing video!

For more tips on how to produce the perfect marketing video, be sure to check back with our Raleigh video production team, soon!

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