The Importance of a Well-Planned Marketing Video

Raleigh NC Video Production: Plan Your Marketing Video Today!

Author of the book Television Production, Alan Wurtzel, once said, “Understanding the best way to combine words and pictures and when to let one or the other carry the program’s message is the essence of the scriptwriter’s art.”

For TigerHive Creative Group, this holds true to our Raleigh NC video production team. Marketing videos are an important part of building your brand in today’s business world. Planning out and writing a script for that video is just as important.

One might wonder why. Videos that are shared on Facebook are funny, homemade, and short but sweet. Why spend money on a video production team when I can just as easily shoot the video myself?

Below, you’ll find a few statistics that state otherwise. Hiring a video production team to help shoot your marketing video may be the best move you make as a business owner. Videos are powerful tools that customers, business owners, and potential customers use for various reasons. It’s important to make sure your business’s marketing video is something worth watching.

Raleigh NC Video Production | Statistics

  • 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a well-made marketing video
  • 80% of users remember enough about a video they viewed in the past 30 days, to share the concept of the video with friends.
  • Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and online photo ads
  • Interesting videos are shared a little over 1000 more times than generic links and text combined states: “10 seconds. That’s how long you have to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip. According to research by Visible Measures, 20% of your viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer. And it doesn’t get a lot better after that. You’ll lose about 1/3 of your viewers by 30 seconds, 45% of them by 1 minute and almost 60% by 2 minutes. And those numbers remain the same no matter how long the video is.”

In short, effective video marketing has to be engaging, right from the start. In order to ensure that this happens, consider contacting our Raleigh NC video production team at TigerHive Creative Group. We understand the importance in quality video marketing and hope to help your business gain customers and succeed by way of video.

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