Marketing Videos Impact Buyer Confidence

Rely on Raleigh Video Production to Help Impact Buyer Confidence!

The age of smartphones has brought about a new trend in the world of handheld devices. Videos are now as easy to make as it is to answer a call or snap a photo. Almost anyone can shoot a video with no trouble at all. Though it does sound fantastic, there are a few problems with this method of Raleigh video production. When it comes to shooting a video for marketing purposes using your new iPhone isn’t the best way to handle it. The quality and professionalism of our fun, smartphone produced videos aren’t quite what it takes to help our businesses grow and succeed.

Videos Impact Buyer Confidence

Did you know?

  • 43 percent of people who watch a company’s video online said that they would switch to a competitor if their video quality was poor.
  • 52 percent of consumers agree that watching product videos makes them more confident in their purchase decisions.

These statistics tell us that putting a bit of pride into your video production will in fact boost your business.

Though marketing videos are short and to the point, there’s more to it than just shooting a quick little video. Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you create the perfect marketing video for your business. When you’ve got your plan ready, be sure to contact our Raleigh video production team for help shooting!

Write an outline of the entire video. Even if you only intend for it to be 2 minutes, you must have a plan.  If you plan for your video to be a bit longer, consider writing a script.

Who Should Write the Script?

Here are a few factors that should be consider before making the decision to write your own script:

  • How complex is the video? (Multiple locations? Are graphics required?)
  • Do you know how to properly format and structure a video script?
  • Are you confident you can write effectively for the audio-visual medium?
  • Do you understand video language?
  •  Do you have the time to write the script?
  • Are you able to write natural dialogue and narration effectively?

If you are unable to answer yes to at least half of these questions, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a video production team to both write your script and shoot your marketing video.

To talk more with our Raleigh video production team, contact TigerHive Creative Group. We are Raleigh’s leading web design, graphic design, and video production company!

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