The Importance of Sound Quality During Raleigh Video Production

Achieving Quality Sound is an Important Part of Raleigh Video Production

Audio is an important part of Raleigh video production. Aside from the lighting aspect, it’s actually one of the number one important parts. Without a quality sound, your viewer might not understand what’s being said or demonstrated.

In addition, poor sound quality during a video can cause viewers to give up in the first 5 seconds, never to return to your website or video again. Having great sound quality is like making a good first impression. Think about how important it is to dress your best and look your best when interviewing for a job. These same factors go into videos. Customers and viewers choose to watch marketing videos in order to learn about a particular business or product. When they’re unable to hear what’s being said, it gives them a bad impression of the business that offered the video.

Below, our Raleigh video production team offers a few more tips that will help you turn out the best audio sound for your marketing video, so that your viewers will be ready and willing to re-watch and share your video time and time again!

According to photovideo, “When microphones are used outdoors they require wind protection. If you are going to be out in the elements, make sure that you have adequate wind and weather protection for you microphones. Keep in mind that lightweight foam windscreens will not be adequate for any type of real breeze, so you should consider heavier wind and rain protection to insure better results when shooting outside. Lower frequency wind noise and dripping rain can easily render your work unusable.

Also, be sure to consider capturing audio for your video with a separate recording device. Using a separate recorder. Using a separate audio recorder will not only avoid sound distortion, a problem often arising when using the standard recording device on a typical camcorder, but it will also give you more control over sound levels. You can control the sounds that should be soft, loud, etc.

Remember, video production in Raleigh NC can be expensive whether you buy your own equipment and produce the video on your own or if you hire a professional video production team. If you do choose to film and produce on your own, it’s a good idea to follow all the tips our experts have offered over our last few posts. Be sure to take a look back!

Also, check back with our Raleigh video production team soon for more audio tips that will help you film and produce a quality video that your viewers will love to watch and share!

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