Marketing Videos for Trade Shows

Raleigh Video Production: Trade Show Videos Make a Difference

It’s no secret; marketing videos are a great way to tell your business’s story or demonstrate a product or service you offer. Raleigh video production is a long process that takes a great deal of time, effort and takes and retakes trying to capture the perfect shots for the video.

After filming, Raleigh video production really begins. We always think of web videos used for social media or YouTube. We also think of them as TV advertisements. While this is true, there is another way to use your marketing video to your advantage to gain customers.

At this time, there are more than 10,000 trade shows held in the U.S. annually.  If you aren’t familiar, a trade show or business expo, according to is, “An exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.”

Trade shows are a great way to get ahead of the competition, learn more about the field you are working with as well as show the world what you have to offer.  Many of the shows are open to the public, so you never know how many potential customers you’ll have access to.

If you haven’t joined a business expo yet, now is the time. In fact, our video production team will be at the local Wake County business expo on May 1st. If you’d like to come by and see what happens at an expo first hand please do so! It’s a great way to get excited for next year’s show. While you’re there you can talk with TigerHive Creative Group and our video production experts. We can get the production process started for your marketing video, so that you’ll be able to demonstrate your strengths as a business next year!

If you are truly interested in Raleigh video production and want to learn more about marketing videos for a business expo, be sure to check back with us on our next post. We will offer tips that will help you create a video that stands out and brings potential customers to you.

For questions concerning Raleigh video production, feel free to contact us, soon!

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