Benefits of Using Video Production for Your Small Business

Raleigh Video Production Benefits

With the extensive reach and the power of the web Internet marketers can now impact their audience in a whole new way.  Using a video is a great way to target potential buyers in a way that captures their whole attention.

There are huge benefits to hiring a video production company to help strategize and complete web video production for a business.  Videos actually boosts sales, website traffic, and more.

Using a video to  help market your business  online, boosts website conversions. Web videos convey vital information to potential buyers about goods and services offered by your business. They also increase the chances of consumers’ wants becoming needs. Companies use visually stimulating videos to boost the probability of site visitors purchasing goods or services.

According to, “A recent study revealed that nearly 52% of consumers polled stated that watching videos about products gave them more confidence in their purchases. Another study performed by ‘Retail Touchpoints’ showed consumers who viewed videos before purchasing were more likely to buy by a margin of 174%. Web videos are certainly an invaluable asset to any company and need to be included in their marketing strategies.”

Another benefit of using web videos on your website, is that they cause your website viewers to visit  your website for longer periods of time. Videos on your business website can do more than just boost website conversions; they will also boost time spent on your site. The increase in time spent on sites is around 9%. The more time consumers spend on your site the more likely it becomes that they’ll purchase something or answer your video’s call to action. 64% of retail visitors are more likely to purchase goods and services on a site with a video.

Hiring a video production company to produce a video for your small business is a the best way to grab the attention of your consumers. Whether you offer a service or good, providing a video that displays the quality of your commodity is a great way to help consumers be more confident in their purchase!

If you’d like to add a visual aspect to your business website, and take advantage of all its benefits, TigerHive Creative Group is the company to call. Our video production and website design company can produce a video that markets your service or goods in a way that will have customers remembering your business above all other. In addition,  we will help you increase visitor time your website. Contact us for more information!

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