Ways to Cut Down on Social Media Marketing Effort

We all know how important it’s to have a functional, responsive Raleigh website design for our business’s long-term success. We also know that having a gorgeous, eye catching logo is essential for growing our business, as well. Choosing the right Raleigh website design company is critical to ensuring your new project is a success. TigerHive Creative Group has and continues to help small business owners, like yourself, create an online brand that stands above the rest. With that in mind, we need to explore areas beyond website design to ensure we’re taking full advantage of what the web has to offer.

In addition to your business’s web design and logo, social media marketing is another key factor in the success of your business. Yes, it’s true, without social media, it’s hard to gain new or potential customers that look for their friend’s referral before shopping. Word-of-mouth for twenty and thirty-somethings has evolved well beyond water cooler conversations. When you’re considering developing a new website, make sure the Raleigh website design team assigned to you understands the importance of social integration.

With that said, how do you get all the benefits from social media, without it taking over your life?

The answer to this commonly asked question can be summed up with a simple phrase. Schedule your posts. Scheduling some of your social media content ahead of time can really help cut down the time you spend on the sites. Establishing a set time each week to “schedule” posts (one for each day of the week) can save you loads of time. Starting/stopping this activity during the course of a business day creates unnecessary overhead and wasted effort. If you’re focused on getting the content scheduled, there is little time for slacking or interacting with other users. Once you’ve set aside a time for content scheduling, you can then make time for actual interaction with your current and potential customers. Trying to network and create content at the same time can be distracting and time consuming. It’s hard to know which is more important. In the end, you spend less quality time on either, getting nothing accomplished.

Scheduling posts can be a wonderful thing. Yes it saves time, but it might be hard trying to figure out what to pre-schedule. Below is a list of post ideas that should be scheduled ahead of time.

  • links to your own blog posts
  • links to your website
  • promo deals
  • links to articles related to your business
  • surveys
  • customer interaction questions
  • quotes

One thing to remember; if you choose to schedule customer interaction questions, it’s a good idea to log on for 15 minutes, once the post goes live. The reaction to any post is highest in the three minutes after it’s posted. You want to be able to respond to comments and keep the conversation going. Be sure to schedule these types of posts during a time you know you‘ll be available. Also, don’t spend more than 15 minutes interacting. Although scheduling posts can save time and simplify our lives a little, there are some posts that should always post live. In our next post, we will go over the types of posts that should never be scheduled.

Social media marketing is a great way to market your business and the services or products you offer. It’s also a great way to share your finished Raleigh website project with the world!

TigerHive Creative Group wants to help grow your business by leveraging the knowledge and experience within our web and graphics design teams. If you need a new website, be sure to visit carolinarpg.com for more information about our expert designers and how they can help you integrate social media into your overall approach.

Also, check back with us for a continuation of our “How to Schedule Social Media Posts” blog series, soon!

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