Raleigh Graphic Designer Tip: The Meaning of Branding in Small Businesses

What is branding? Should I brand my business? Questions your Raleigh NC graphic designer can answer!

When thinking of branding, some might say the name of a soft drink, or the logo of a favorite grocery store. Both assumptions are, in fact, characteristics of branding. There is, however, much more to branding than a name of a business or soft drink. Understanding what branding is can help you enhance your business’s presentation to the public. This Raleigh graphic designer knows well the importance of branding. When we first started working in this industry, we were freelance artists. Without a corporate brand or identity, it became hard for people to identify with our work. Hence the formation of TigerHive Creative Group.

Do you want to stand out?

In a broad sense, branding is an image. This image can be visual or verbal. The image is something you want the public to remember about your business, over time. Branding is the message that you want to communicate to potential customers. You also need to continue to display this message, with returning customers. As a Raleigh graphic designer, several local brands immediately stand out. G-105’s “showgram” brand is a local staple. How about 42nd Street Oyster Bar? We all know them well. These are brands, and company images, that carry well beyond our immediate consciousness. That’s exactly what a brand does – it stands out in your memory and is triggered by certain events. For example, I rarely recommend another seafood restaurant other than 42nd Street to visitors. They’ve made me believe, through branding and high-quality products/services, that their the only joint in town. That’s a powerful marketing tool for any small business.

In our a recent post, we talked about graphic design and how it, as well, sends a message to customers and potential customers. Graphic design is an influential part of your business’s brand. Without it, you’re left with trying to display your business’s uniqueness, on your own. It’s hard to set your business apart from the competition if graphic design isn’t a part of your core strategy. If you need help with creating a quality, memorable image, our Raleigh graphic designer is just what you’re looking for.

Who wants your product?

According to life123.com, “In order to develop a successful brand, you have to know the demographics of your target market. This means doing some marketing research so that you can understand whom your buyers are. This type of research will help you develop a logo, your product or service’s name, and if you choose, a slogan. All of these may be different, if, for example, a primary part of your target market is single men between twenty-one and twenty-five years old versus a target market with primaries of married women between thirty and forty.”

Does behavior affect your brand?

Understanding branding will affect how you conduct business, every day. If part of your brand encompasses how you communicate with the public, you may feel the need to leave that impression on every person you come into contact with. Knowing that the impression left should be positive, your behavior becomes part of your image and, part of your brand.

Can actions boost a brand?

There are so many different tools available to help you develop your business’s brand. You can send out newsletters, containing informative and interesting information about your business. You might even include how to tips and developments made by your business. Create a blog on your web site or participate in a business-related social media network. Building your brand is important. All of these things can lead to a positive, well recognized, brand.

Branding is an important part of any type of business, large or small. Competition is everywhere. Give your customers a way to remember to return to your business and refer friends. As we’ve discussed, logos are an important part of branding too. If you’re in need of a logo that best fits your business, be sure to contact TigerHive Creative Group. Our expert graphic designers in Raleigh NC, will be happy to work with you, to design the best logo for your business.

Also, if you’re in need of a new Raleigh web design for your business, TigerHive Creative Group can help with that, as well! In addition to excellent graphic designers, we also have incredible web designers that will create a beautiful website for your Raleigh NC business!

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