Raleigh Website Design (the responsive revolution!)

TigerHive Creative Group focuses on Raleigh website design that’s mobile and ready to go where ever you are. In our last post titled Raleigh website design tips, we briefly mentioned responsive web design and how important it is. What we didn’t mention what it is, exactly. Today, we will get a better look at responsive web design for your Raleigh NC business. Responsive web design is a technique used to build a website that will adapt to any screen it’s pulled up on, no matter the size. If the user tries to access the site via mobile device, they will find it easy to read and navigate. If it’s pulled up on a tablet, the screen will adapt to the device for easy navigation, as well. A responsive web design should work for any device it’s presented on; iPad, Windows desktop, smart phone, etc.

Raleigh Website Design: a few important tips!
A few important things when designing a responsive website, according to ClearlyM:

“When laying out a responsive website, the breakdown of content is important. Instead of your site remaining static, responsive web pages are composed of elements that size, shape and replace themselves depending on the size of the browser.”

Responsive Web Design Benefits:

  • An easy accessible website, anytime, anywhere.
  • Should anyone need to look up a business’s location via iPhone or other smart phone, they may do so without any deterrence.

Have you ever tried viewing a website on your mobile phone without a responsive website design? The user has to zoom into the site, try to navigate it and hope that they can see all the important info they need. All of this without it taking up too much time. Responsive websites speak for themselves, really. Finding general information on a smart phone becomes second nature.

  • The need to design and maintain several websites for different devices is no more.
  • Are you wondering if your Raleigh NC business needs a web designer to create an app for you? Worry no more. With a responsive website, an app isn’t needed.The responsive web design can be presented on all devices, no matter what their brand is. The information is consistent and easy to update.

Responsive Web Design is Becoming a Standard:
Created in 2010 by Ethan Marcotte, responsive web design has become a bit of a necessity when designing sites. The best part about it is that no matter what Apple or any other company decides to launch in the next year, a responsive web design for your Raleigh NC business will adapt with no issues! For more information on responsive web designs, be sure to contact us.

Responsive Designs Helps Your SEO:
Being unable to read a website on a mobile device causes users to move away from your site. A high bounce rate will make Google think that your site isn’t a good resource for the keyword that the user used to search for your business. A responsive site will allow users to read the information found on your site easier. In turn, they’ll spend more time on the site. That alone will help your Google ranking. Responsive web design is not a trend that is going to go away. It seems to be here to stay. Excitingly, responsive web design is something that deserves to stay. TigerHive Creative Group will do what we can to incorporate the best of responsive web design into your next website. Feel free to call us to talk about making the switch!

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