Video Advertisements Are Expected to Storm the Web

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Video ads are proving to be the new trend on the internet. Yahoo, AOL, YouTube, and potentially Facebook, are all increasing their online video ad market. The soon to be newest member of online video ad marketing, Facebook, has been shopping around for investment partners, since December. Once they find the right agency to work with on this venture, it’s safe to say that all major social media marketing sites will follow in their footsteps. The question then becomes, “Do you have a Raleigh video production team in mind”? Make sure the partner you choose to work with really has the skills and abilities to make your brand stand out from the crowd. believes the “video ads will appear in newsfeeds on desktop computers, as well as, tablets and smartphones and will be set to auto play on mute. If a user clicks on a video ad, it will restart with sound. Facebook is reportedly seeking CPMs in the low $20s, a bit lower than the average $29 CPM of broadcast television according to MagnaGlobal.”

Analysts are concerned about the reaction of everyday users. All video ads do is add, yet another, form of advertising in their newsfeeds. It will also affect the load time of videos on mobile devices. Only the most talented Raleigh video production teams will be able to bypass discontent to get your message across. Creativity will be at a premium.

Facebook has had many mobile issues in the recent past. Performances of the video ads are a particular concern for the Facebook team, as well as, potential investors for the project. With advances in technology and responsive web design, Facebook is sure to have all the kinks worked out in no time. In fact, it has been said that they’re expected to have the first video ad ready to launch sometime in August.

Though there is concern and skepticism, video ads could do wonders for revenue for small businesses that choose to participate. Experts acquainted with the ideas have weighed in. According to them, the new online video ads could yield up to $1.5 million in new revenue per day based on initial inventory levels. Big brands including Ford, Coca Cola and American Express are expected to participate in the early trials. As a small business owner, you need to secure your place in line. Hire an expert Raleigh video production team and get started so that you can be ready to act.

Rumor has it that Facebook has also approached TV broadcasters and film studios to advertise their shows and upcoming movies on the social media site. One thing is for sure, given their past; Facebook will do what it takes to bring this idea up to par before it is launched. It’s also clear that when it’s launched, a new marketing strategy will be added to most business’s marketing plan.

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Are you looking for a new way to market your company? If so, video ads could be for you! If you want to get started right away or learn what this movement entails, call TigerHive Creative Group. Our Raleigh video production team can get started right away to make sure your small business is ready for the Facebook video ad reveal.

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