Visual Impact is Key for a Successful Raleigh Web Design

Welcome back. In a previous post, we began discussing the concept of a study done by a German entrepreneur, that actually tracks the eye movement of a user viewing a website. The goal in this study is to figure out what viewers actually perceive and pay attention to most. In turn, the study should eventually help with Raleigh web design.

Visual impact is an important part of a great Raleigh web design.

According to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, “a paper was published using the findings of this study. The paper, which centered on a research project that conducted eye-tracking studies on several food items, offered several new mathematical models regarding the tug-of-war between the visual appeal of items (or web sites) versus how much they cost to purchase.”

What does this mean, exactly? A study that monitored the eye movements of a college student found that when staring at a line of snack foods the student choose their snack of choice after they finished viewing the entire line of snack foods. Fabian Stelzer, the German entrepreneur conducting this research, states that the “results extrapolated from the snack food observations were integrated into computational models of the eye’s movements. The authors reported an area under the curve of .93, where 1 marks a perfect prediction. This means that our mathematical model is usable and we could replicate our findings.”

Raleigh Web Design: Visual Impact

Stelzer has been quoted as saying that main goal of this study is the significance of visual impact. The human eye must be drawn to something it’s interested in; something that grabs it’s attention and makes the brain pay attention to it. Stelzer also states that “Making sure that the human eye is drawn towards a product through its design alone remains an important factor in sales, but this is 100% context dependent. Put simply, if everyone’s dressed in red, being green wins.”

Having a Raleigh web design that attracts users is the most important part of a website. If your site doesn’t feature your product or service well enough, the user might leave the site and find a different business to use.

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